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  • Andrew Gallardo - USELESS

    This was one of the best,but I tried to every way to install the disk and was unsuccessful, now I'm stuck without a computer that I CAN'T use.

  • Ty C. - These shoes are amazing, I have the men's version and bought these ...

    These shoes are amazing, I have the men's version and bought these for my girlfriend. I get compliments on the looks for mine, and she has as well. These are great for runs up to 10mi. If you're continuosly running 10+mi go with the Nike Lunar Glides, they have much thicker support for the long distance. These shoes are sleek and better looking though, and I prefer them to the Lunar Glides based off look and feel.

  • Jenny - Not for everyone

    I did the full 10 days and followed the recipes to the "T". The first 6 days I really felt awful, the next 4 I just felt "ok". I really don't eat many carbs, sugar, dairy or consume much caffeine so I thought this would be a breeze. At the end if the 10 days I felt no different, only lost a couple of lbs and the labor intensiveness of this program for this working mom really wore me out. This was not for me... Oh, and the morning smoothies were terrible

  • C. Orr - Don't get discouraged!

    I've been with this product over a year now and have maintained my 30 pound weight loss taking this supplement. My blood pressure is where it should be. Most weight loss programs do not mix well with weight loss meds, but have not felt any side effects. It does make you conscious on your daily eating habits. You cannot expect miracles over night, but if you stick with the program, you will lose weight gradually.

  • Larochefoucauld - Solid Unit. Hope Build Quality Is Durable

    I have been using the Motorola SB6580 for well over a month. I bought it to replace a Motorola SBG900, which was functioning well but needed to upgrade. I prefer the modem/wireless combo offer over separate modem, access point and wireless router simply because this is a more efficient arrangement. I hope the quality of the SB6580 is superior to SBG900 (the first SBG900 I bought died after 3 months and was under warranty, but I had to pay for two way shipping; the second after a year and past warranty and was cheaper to junk it; third Surfboard is fine after over 2 years). The SB6580 has performed well thus far. The speed and range of this DOCSIS 3.0 is far superior to the previous DOCSIS 2.0. I have tested my speed using the Speakeasy Speed Test and have trebled my speed vs. the SBG900 (using wireless 802.11n). If you download large files, are a gamer, Skype, or stream movies you will certainly appreciate the improved bandwidth and speed. The range is excellent. I have a large home and property and have an excellent to very good signal strength throughout the property including the yard. We have had as many as 8 computers doing various tasks with no performance issues such as lag or slow downloads. I would recommend placing the unit on a shelf that is well elevated (over six feet) rather than on a desktop or table.

  • Rw Scolari - Great CG Movie

    John Cusiak again proves that he can handle a major roll and an action movie. This movie has great special effects. Woody Harrilson provides a comic relief. In all the special effects, mostly CG, are the real stars. Good movie.