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  • adam - Worst Banana Caddy EVER!

    I bought this banana caddy to transport my banana for lunch. EVERY DAY LAST WEEK i went for my banana and it was gone. EMPTY! Then I find little round bananas all over my string cheese and juicebox!!! Is this some kind of sick joke?!

  • clara - I personally love this product

    I personally love this product. For my hair, as well as my extensions, it does pretty much what it says, helps keeping the hair soft and straight. As a side note, my hair is really fine and frizzy and it does help giving it shape and keeping it straight by adding some texture. I have 2 other Osis products, the Flatliner and the Upload volume cream. They are both exactly what they are supposed to be as well, so I think most of this range does a pretty good job! I will purchase again