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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Colin Axel - ... has met my research/production expectations and has been specifically useful to me in using US road centerline data

    This software has met my research/production expectations and has been specifically useful to me in using US road centerline data.

  • Tyeise Green - It does a terrific job, and I will certainly be ordering more ...

    I got this to help prevent cracks around my fingertips in winter. It does a terrific job, and I will certainly be ordering more of this. The consistency is fairly thick, close to the consistency of toothpaste, and that may be part of why it works so well. It blends in well. Also, their customer service is fantastic. My first bottle the pump didn't work, so I asked for a replacement. As is normal, I got a shipping label and sent it back. I did expect to wait until they had received it before getting the new bottle, but instead, it came the very next day! Wow! That's the way to do business.

  • Rebecca B. - Awesome rack for a fraction of the OEM price

    My husband installed these...I warned him that people had trouble and I printed out one of the reviews to help, but he said it was no problem. If you are mechanically inclined, installation will be a breeze. They look awesome and don't make any noise that I can hear. We can't figure out what the locks on the ends are for, as there is no way they are actually locking the racks to the car, but maybe they are just a deterrent.

  • A genXer - Easy and simple way to improve your teeth and health

    I really liked this book. After trying oil pulling, my mouth felt wonderful. My teeth felt clean, my gums felt and looked healthier, and my tongue had less coating. As I continued to oil pull each day, my tongue and gums turned pretty pink and my teeth felt so strong. My teeth are also whiter. I get compliments on my smile.

  • Jason Truluck - Good protection but falls apart quickly.

    The glove seems to offer good protection. Unfortunately the velcro came detached from the gloves after only 2 rides. I have not even had them a month. Really disappointed in the quality, didn't expect this from Fox.

  • Justine - Very impressed

    These really are quite amazing. I get muscle spasms that just make me want to go nuts - I feel like I just need a whole hour hard-core deep tissue massage on one knot sometimes. The first time I tried one of these was after carrying some shopping bags had set off just such a spasm. All I was expecting was maybe a mildly distracting sensation, but the pain actually eased off significantly rather quickly, and eventually the spasm just went away. Holy Cow.

  • Steveostevestevenson - Just purchased this keurig and am extremely disappointed with it

    Just purchased this keurig and am extremely disappointed with it. First of all you can not use old k-cups in this machine. I have ten different boxes of k-cups purchased about two months ago or so and none of them are usable in this machine. You can only use boxes that have a circle with a check on them that says good for all keurigs on the outside of the box. I called keurig about this and they give me a gift certificate for two new boxes but that is all. Since I sent my old one off with my son to college I now have ten boxes of worthless k-cups! The other problem with this machine is you cannot use any type of reusable cup with it. So if you have a special blend of coffee that is not packaged as k-cups there is no way to brew it. Yet another disappointment is that the auto brew setting only works for the carafe and not for individual k-cups. I was really looking forward to waking up to a cup of coffee again. Even if I was willing to brew a whole carafe, there are currrenly only six or seven options for the carafe cup size, none of which are my type of coffee. So in summary, I was hoping this machine would take the place of both my old keurig and my standard carafe machine. However I still need the separate carafe to brew my favorite local blends that are not available in k-cups and brew larger cups of my favorite brands that are not available in the k-carafe size yet. Even though this model seems loaded with features my advice is stick with the older models you get much more flexability. Also, I have posted this same review on the kuerig site and it has yet to show. Thanks for nothing kuerig!!