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  • Endevour32 - Good for her not for him

    Great stuff, my girlfriend lives it, it knocks her right out after about 30 minutes, but I doesn't work for me in fact it keeps me up, many different brands of sleeping pills will do that to some people, I have tried several, so I take NyQuil, that knocks me out when I can't sleep

  • tatonbaton - Recommend to anyone, even people who have no problems with digestion. Great eye opener.

    Very informative book. It literally opened my eyes on what can cause all my ailments, from hair loss and chronic fatigue to multiple digestive problems and persistent acne. After reading this book, I literally ran to take a few blood tests (iron, folate, b12, selen, copper, zinc). The results support the findings in this book. My iron is extremely low, for example, even though I eat meat almost every day. I made simple changes to my diet (as was suggested in chapter 7), my digestive issues improved considerably. And it's been 3 days only after I finished reading it. I hope to see improvements in other areas as well soon. The only thing that bothered me a little is that so much repetitive information is dedicated to heartburn in this book.

  • Miguel T. - Quality of the product is what I have come to expect from Joovy.

    So far so good. We have had this product for a little over a week with daily use. First impression is good. Quality of the product is what I have come to expect from Joovy. There are minor things that could be better like the cup holder which I didn't even but on because I can already tell it will easily fall off when a bottle is placed in it. Also it won't hold a regular sized water bottle, it's more for a kids cup but I don't even think it will hold that when there is water or juice in the cup. There really isn't any where for the child to rest their feet other than a very small lip. However, this is a very easy stroller to push with great mobility. Will serve it purpose on our trips to theme parks and running around town.

  • Charlotte Salkeld - The floor mats arrived on time and in good condition.

    The floor mats arrived on time and in good condition.. The only problem I have with them is that they are a slick material and makes sliding things on them too easy for my tastes

  • Tollyan Peterman - Locks Up Windows 7

    Today I had to print a card before my kids got on the bus for school. I fired up Printmaster 2012 and said I'll just print a card. Well I ended up hard resetting my computer twice and almost missed the Bus. Still no card. It casues windows 7 to hang when opening up a project. I patched it as of Oct. 2011 and it still has bugs and hangs. I tested it on 3 different PCs with same result. I would look for an older copy that is more stable. The QA of this product is a major fail and I recommend avoiding it until they clean it up.

  • Violet Frosting - This smells so good, I can't even describe it

    This smells so good, I can't even describe it. Sweet candy , lemons, happyness. I hope there will be more products with this scent.I would love a body spray, or even room spray and candles with this scent.

  • Karen W - This was so much more!

    This book was awesome. I read the synopsis and thought it sounded like it would be a good book...I was wrong...It was a GREAT book! This book grabbed me and it still hasn't let me go! Please hurry with the next book!