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  • Xtra - A good replacement part that will likely end up like the first one.

    Has your 4Runner's rear liftgate handle turned into a gooey, tar-like substance? If so, this is what you need. It's a fairly straight forward DIY job if you know what you're doing but you'll have to take the liftgate apart to do it. Ok, it's straight forward but it's not exactly easy.

  • Jessica Contratto - works great

    I was hesitant after reading a few reviews that this product had an orange hue it left on your teak. I bought it anyway and tried it. I used it on a teak swim step I restored. The 2 pieces that were on the underside of the platform were a lighter blonde color. It did leave a slight orangish cast on the lighter teak. On the darker teak, it was stunning to see the color and depth it brought to the wood. It's beautiful. The sealer is very easy to apply. Dries fairly quickly for handling time and second coat. I did take a soft rag and buff the wood after it had dried because it felt slightly oily or sticky. Buffing it cured that and I feel confident it won't leave a residue on anyone's shorts. I am very pleased with this product so far.

  • bjsimonsen - Highly Recommend Zeal!

    I've used this product for a long time! I will continue to use this product for a long time! I hardly gets headaches anymore and I have more energy. Overall I feel very very good! If your debating on this product, but it! You will not regret it!

  • Amazon Customer - just wow

    I ordered my Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Pocket Knife about A week ago. I received it yesterday. Upon opening the packaging, I found the knife had begun construction on a project. Not knowing what it was I moved in for a closer look. I was frightened by what I discovered. It was a computer that said SkyNet on its side. I grabbed my hand tools to try and open the casing so I could get the chip and destroy it, but the knife attacked me; scaring my right cheek. I tried to scramble away, but was unable. The robotic claw attachment grabbed a hold of my leg. I thought I was done for. Then I noticed a swirling crackling energy ball form on the far side of my house. It was a second Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Pocket Knife. It used its shotgun attachment to knock the first knife off of me. It then reached down to me with its helping gloved hand attachment and said with its human voice visualizer attachment. "Come with me if you want to live." I went with it and have been on the run ever since. I wonder what SkyNet is up to.

  • Mahimahi - Nest Thermostat nearly destroyed my new AC equipment

    I am returning the Nest thermostat tomorrow because it is constantly powering the AC on and off every minute or two. It is apparently a problem with the trickle charge necessary for the thermostat's built-in battery. Newer AC equipment like I have (two years old) is more sensitive to this situation and reacts by constantly turning the unit on and off according to Nest's technical support. After dealing with this problem for a week I reinstalled the old thermostat to keep the AC equipment from being destroyed by the constant power cycling. Nest is aware of the situation and promised they would send a technician out to correct the problem. But empty promises are not what I expect when I spend this much money (and time) on a thermostat that is twice as expensive as any other thermostat. The Nest technical support is friendly and apologetic but they will never follow thru on any promise nor ever return a phone call. If you have newer equipment and don't want to serve as a guinea pig, I recommend waiting until Nest resolves their technical problems along with their personnel problems.

  • Tmice826 - Great tasting blend of herbs

    Great tasting blend of herbs. It seems to help my son at night sleep better without sinus and respiratory build up; a pleasant change we noticed after a few days of drinking this tea nightly.