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** Facultad de Ciencias - UNI** - El 06 de agosto de 1960, promulgada la Ley Universitaria No. 13417, se creó la Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas en la UNI, a partir de la entonces Facultad de Ciencias Básicas y Nucleares. El año 1961 se aprobó el Plan de Estudios, que consideró cursos semestralizados en la Facultad a partir del segundo año, pues los estudiantes ingresaban a la Universidad a través del Departamento Preparatorio, realizando un primer año (dos semestres) común a todas las Facultades. Se aprobó también otorgar el grado de bachiller en Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas después de concluidos el Cuarto Año y previa sustentación de una tesis.Se da también la posibilidad de continuar dos años de estudios en otras facultades, después de concluir el Cuarto Año, para optar el Título de Ingeniero Electrónico (Facultad de Mecánica y Electricidad), Ingeniero Nuclear (Facultad de Mecánica y Electricidad), Ingeniero Estructural (Facultad de Ingeniería Civil), Ingeniero Hidráulico (Facultad de Ingeniería Civil).El año 1962 se crea el Instituto de Matemáticas Puras y Aplicadas (IMUNI). En 1965 se modifica el Plan de Estudios, se considera el primer año común de las Facultades con énfasis en los cursos de Algebra, Análisis y Física General, mantiene los tres años siguientes, al final de los cuales se opta el Grado de Bachiller en Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas, previa sustentación de una tesis; y crea un Quinto Año en la Facultad en el que el estudiante podrá especializarse en Física o Matemática y optar el Título Profesional de Físico-Matemático, previa sustentación de una tesis. En ese entonces la Facultad contaba entre sus profesores con cinco del nivel de doctorado (3 en Matemáticas y 2 en Física) y 5 del nivel de maestro (1 en Matemática y 4 en Física).El año 1967 se modifica nuevamente el plan de estudios, se incrementa los cursos de Química a 3 (hasta entonces sólo se daba uno), y se establece que el quinto año (etapa de especialización) tiene una orientación profesional y otra académica. La profesión conduce al título de Físico-Matemático e involucra una preparación en ciencia aplicada, mientras que la académica corresponde a una preparación adecuada para continuar estudios en postgrado.

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  • Justin Dupree - she went from screaming after every meal to happy and content within a day or two

    Saved us from what was clearly going to be a miserable, colicky baby. Whether it was a milk protein allergy or what, she went from screaming after every meal to happy and content within a day or two. Highly recommended if your baby screams his or her head off every time she eats (or shortly thereafter).

  • Jamie - Inatant Vapor.

    I am amazed with the little gadget. Put your water and oil in and it instanly starts to vapor. I love the smell of lemon oil and it instantly makes the room smell good. I received this product at a reasonable price to review. It was worth the money.

  • Heather B. - Experienced mommy of 3 gives this two thumbs up

    This product really is much easier and effective than a regular store or hospital grade nasal aspirator. We have a Kirby vacuum, which worried me with how much power a Kirby has, but is very gentle when hooked up. It is a pain in the butt to have to drag the Kirby out and assemble the hose on, but would be very easy for any other vacuum that already has the hose attached. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this to any new parent or parents of children with persistent colds or allergies!

  • De Freem - I use it monthly

    So far, so good. I can only say that I am not aware of any septic tank issues before of after using this product. I rarely used it over the past 10 years, I use it faithfully now due to STP (septic tank paranoia) :)

  • Poppu1945 - I had the worst time getting this product loaded onto my computer

    I had the worst time getting this product loaded onto my computer. I followed the enclosed instructions and got an error message that redirected me to a so-call service representative. He told me that the reason I wasn't able to install the program is that I had malware and viruses that were preventing the product from installing. He then told me that for $199 he could remove the malware and viruses. This is a brand new computer with Norton Security on it. He then ask if I was on a home Wi-Fi and when I said yes he proceeded to tell me that even though this was a new computer the malware and viruses could be transmitted from one computer to any other on the same Wi-Fi system. He had taken control of my computer, something I will never permit again. I disconnected and contacted the Geek Squad at Best Buy; they told me that this was a scam and I should contact Microsoft. After contacting Microsoft they told me how to install the software and reactivated the Product Code Card. After installing Office they gave me instructions on how to do a Clean Boot which should remove anything that the service rep may have installed. It took me from 2:00pm until Midnight to get the software up and running and the computer free of viruses and malware. I found that Norton Security had blocked some things that after 2:00pm had been attempted to be installed on my computer.

  • C. Coff - Was hoping for more.

    I had a rough start to my nursing relationship and due to that I've been plagued with a lower/just enough supply. I have tried EVERYTHING to increase it and have never really seen a difference. I heard about this supplement and figured at this price point it must work well. I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought it and hoped it would work out. The first day I took it I noticed my breasts feeling warmer and hoped it was a good sign. I proceeded to use it for a week and then added in a pumping session since I normally just nurse. I saw about a .5oz increase total. Not what I was looking for or hoping for but I have kept trucking on with it. I think I'm someone who just has low supply and thats all there is to it. These pills also would get stuck easily since you are supposed to take with minimal water and then would leave a terrible taste when you would burb (tmi?) later on. I also had to set an alarm for 15min before taking the pill to make sure I didn't have any water and then also set one after to make sure I didn't have any and that was a pain.

  • Amazon Customer - Fun game, but maybe not child appropriate.

    My daughter loves it, and so do her friends. I think some of the songs might be a little too adult for her age however (ten y/o), so I'd check out the song list before purchasing.