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  • Krystal Tavares - Who can say anything bad about this supplement

    Who can say anything bad about this supplement? I've used Gaecinia Camborgia for awhile now so when I got the chance to review this one after receiving a dicount I jumped as it can sometimes get expensive to buy these. They work for me by helping me feel full. I don't use them as directed I only take twice a day or once and it keeps me feeling full all day but not miserable and bloated like others. It arrived quickly in a sealed bottle exactly as shown in the photo. The smell isn't all that bad like some supplements I've bought. I just started this brand so will update as I see how well they do.

  • enmc - Recommend-read if having trouble accessing online practice exams

    Has really helped me be able to critically think through practice questions and is highly recommended by my school to study for the nclex. TO ACCESS THE ONLINE COMPONENT: Register at kaptest.com/booksonline and choose the registration for the NCLEX-RN Premier 2014-2015 edition, it does not work if you try to register the 2015-2016 version. It will ask you for the last word of a random chapter and it matches this version. Apparently the content of this book is the same as the 2014-2015 version.

  • MelB - An absolute must for all ages!

    First of all, you should use a Vitamin based cream on your skin. It's the most beneficial. Other commercial products charge too much and are wax based. They rely on brand loyalty and not results. This one absorbs beautifully and leaves the skin feeling silky. I purchased it on Amazon and the value can't be beat. As an older woman, I would highly recommend this product and think women should start using it in their 20s. I use Good'n'Natural Retinol Cream in the evening and this during the day. My skin has more clarity after just two weeks of use.