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  • B. Judd - doesn't work

    My husband tryed this for 30 days but it didn't work. So I called about sending it back but it was not possible since it was used. So how do you know if it works if you don't use it?

  • Mari - they work but be careful with side effects.

    I purchase these after having oral surgery because after that my milk drop down significantly so I got desperate and after all the good reviews I needed up buying them. do they work? yes they work immediately but I notice it makes you and your baby really gassy and it impacts her sleep. while I was taking these pills, my baby stooped sleeping through the night and was waking up at all times. she also didn't eat as much as she used to (I believe it also has to do with the gasses). Since I stooped taking them, my baby finally is sleeping all night again and she is incredibly eating twice as much as she was before. Do I recommend these pills? yes I do but just for an emergency situation when you need help to bring back your milk supply but then just leave them and you have to do it gradually. These pills are just a help for a temporary situation and not to take it at all times during your entire nursing

  • Rhonda Wilkins - Hooked on this coffee!

    I am hooked on this coffee. I have been drinking it for over a year now and I tried to go back to regular coffee but it ain't happening. This coffee makes me feel good and is good for me. As long as Amazon has it, I WILL HAVE IT. Have a great day!

  • A. Xavier - The 'P' in 'GPC' stands for 'PARTY'

    This has a *slightly* higher dosage per capsule than a lot of other alpha gpc supplements out there, which I approve of. The generally accepted recommended dose of alpha gpc is between 400 and 1200mg per day, spread out in multiple doses whenever possible.