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  • Cheryl - Most enlightening and EXTREMELY HELPFUL

    I have studied and practiced health for over 40 years. When I was young, I started because of being crushed in an accident and a medical doctor telling me I should be an invalid all my life, After years of being pieced back together and almost destroyed from surgeries and drugs, I began researching and trying things, back when this kind of information was not available. This book puts it all together, what it has taken me 40 years to learn. It is incredible!!!! To recognize the gut affects the mind and then tell you how to fix it, AMAZING. The amazing thing is, I dug out and did this stuff and live a normal life. I did not have brain problems, except some depression. This stuff fixed numerous medical physical conditions not related to the mind. This book covers 6 or 7 areas that need to be addressed. Please do NOT think you will just change your diet and all will be well while ignoring the remainder of the book if you have serious brain or health issues. But, the fact is, the diet alone will be incredible help. I think Dr. Natasha's work will become the norm in 100 years. It may take that long for people to figure out they need to fix themselves and drugs won't do it. EVERY HUMAN THAT EATS THE AMERICAN DIET NEEDS TO READ THIS. I even raise my pets this way. What a blessing for you to have this information available to you!!!

  • Kris - hallucinations, sleep walking and night mares

    This stuff is dangerous, my spouse took one dose of this stuff on night one. she fell asleep quickly but was talking in her sleep almost as quickly. Her eyes were open, and it almost seemed like she was awake, however, what she was saying made no sense. although she did not take more that night, these strange episodes continued the next day when she took a nap. night two, she took two spoonfuls and it all went crazy. she was walking through the house talking to people who werent there, crying, and full in hallucinating. it almost has a hangover effect the next day, and she has no memories of the effects or part if the day after taking it. avoid this crap at all costs

  • Amazon Customer - Costly but I Definitely see improvement

    Next week will be 3 months since I started using HairMax. I waited because I wanted to be sure if it was working or not. First of all let me say that I am a woman with thinning hair in the front, at the hairline and to about halfway back (around my ears but on top, not on the sides). My mother has VERY thin hair to where you can see her scalp all the time all over her head, and I appear to be going that same direction so I was willing to do about anything to stop the hair loss, not to mention regrow some hair. When I bought this product it had not been tested on women so there wasn't much information for me to go on, plus it was pretty pricey but like I said, I'd have tried just about anything. I'm not a particularly disciplined person and I'd say I've used it between 3-5 times a week. I'm not going over my whole head...just the areas of concern and that only takes a few minutes per treatment.

  • ktstump - flimsy

    This mop is terrible! It's the equivalent of a small amount of material knotted together and tied to a stick. In fact, that's not a bad idea and I'm pretty sure it would work better. With the emotional angst taken out: it's light-weight, flimsy and doesn't accomplish its only job; cleaning a floor.