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  • Primer - that earns it an average score rather than great to excellent

    Intention of product was to clean a post cat sensor reading on Prius Gen 2, it didn't do the trick and didn't notice much of a difference in performance. Although that may not be the product's fault, that earns it an average score rather than great to excellent.

  • Kindle Customer - Great little machine!

    Very happy with this machine. I purchased it specifically as a media streamer hooked to my TV, and it works for it very well. I don't do lots of hi def, but basic netflix, amazon prime and xfinity... its great. On older machines I would get choppy video performance, here it never happens. With plenty of usb ports and even a digital out, I'm happy.

  • Jennifer - Wilson packs a punch

    Wilson!! I bought Wilson to actually play volleyball with and he arrived inflated like WOAH! I've played volleyball regularly since high school and don't remember experiencing pain like that when trying to play lol - so...check it out before you bring him to the beach. He might need to be deflated a little bit first! I haven't tried more since deflating, but hopefully it's ok. This volleyball was pretty cheap so even if he is going to be perma-painful, we'll keep him around for the company ;)

  • SDBUYER - $50 release direct from MATTEL

    $50 release from MATTEL. Why are these prices so exorbitant for this item? It just doesn't make any sense for this preorder doll.

  • Bradley J. Fern - Would recommend.

    This is my second dash camera. I spent a little more on this and it was worth it. Takes very clear and smooth video, even in low light. Would recommend.