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  • Eliza - A little dab is all it takes.

    I have used this for many years. It's expensive, but that little tube lasts a long time. I noticed you can now get it in a little pump container, and I imagine that would be an improvement, but it would probably make you likely to use more than you need.

  • Sbphoto - love it

    i love this product.. you can do it two ways.. just drink the juice with water for two days or drink the juice and only eat fruit with it... ive done it both ways and i've gotten result.. i do the detox when ever i need to get over a hump... the taste is good taste like fruit juice but thats what it is fruits and veggies... they sale it at walmart this amazon normally have a better deal when you buy more than one bottle...

  • Dee Onna Herrera - Great book

    This is all I used to review for my NCLEX. Passed the first time with very minimal number of questions. Would recommend to others!

  • lovepuppies14612 - Love the fragrance and how soft and healthy if makes ...

    I have used this for years. Love the fragrance and how soft and healthy if makes my hair look. You only need a small amount in your hand to apply at a time so this bottle lasts me a very long time. In the salons it's rather pricey but through amazon I got a great deal

  • Finnegan - Tearjerker

    Fantastic! Can't wait for the movie! No. I've got it. She's buds with Larry David and I know he can come up with a hit tv show "The Campaign About Nothing!" Ep 1: I'm a GIRL and I want to be PRESIDENT Right now!!! OR I'll hold my breathe till I PASS OUT!

  • DONALD D ROBERSON - After 10 breakfasts, NONE STICK substance was GONE. What replaced it was FEAR.

    Well, I used it about 10 times. Yes, the sunny side up eggs slide off the pan just like the commercial. I was VERY pleased. I thought the negative comments were from competitors. I even sent one to a friend. Soon after that, I made my sunny side ups again...this time they didn't slide.