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  • N. Oneill - JK Lasser Your INcome Tax

    I highly recommend JK Lasser's books. I've been a tax professional for over 10 years and have come to know and use this book extensively. Best tax book on the market for ease of reading whether a professional tax person or not! Buy the book!

  • Mom4life - perfect!

    This was my 5th stroller not because of quality but because of trying to find the right features for experience has been with be bebe love single, jeep limited jogging single, baby trend snap-n-go, instep double jogging stroller and finally the joovy! I have three kids 5-3-1 and wanted something for appts and anything not jogging related so I didn't need 3 strollers taking up the garage...this is the perfect fit- heavy duty materials all around(except the cup holder) I love that to wash you just snap off and throw in the machine...the baby bar has a washable cover that zips off also! The wheels are smaller than a jogger but big and tough enough for parks and grassy areas. I could probably use for jogging also. Maneuvering with one hand is a snap unlike umbrella strollers that require 2. The umbrella is huge and protects from the sun at all angles... My only negative is the required two hands for folding only because I was used the one hand fold with my jeep and the cup holder seems like an after thought but that is the price you pay to have a very adjustable handlebar. I just borrow the cup pouch from my in step jogger if I need since it just Velcros on/off. I was able to sell my jeep single my Bebe love single and the snap and go... So happy with this one! I kept the double just for running because one child on a bike is plenty to slow you down, but I wish I had a triple jogger!

  • VeteranWife - Great game & learning tool!

    This shipped quickly, and it is a really awesome game. It has lessons for beginners, as well as "arcade-type games" that you have to play the correct chord - which is really fun and helpful for those just starting to learn (both my husband and myself). It is easy to begin, and easy to play, really helpful and fun!

  • JAK in WDC - At Last!

    I am a woman and a blonde, so you can imagine how hard it has been for me to use a pen. I would write and write and have nothing to show for it until a nice man would come by and turn the pen around in my hand so the ink thingy part was on the paper. I just know that with these pens made just for us girls I can finally just pick up a pen and write all on my own. A girl can dream, can't she?

  • sharma crenshaw - It works!

    Ive seen a lot of bad reviews but people don't realize there is no miracle solution to anything! You have to work at it in order to get results. This is the flattest ive seen my stomach ever! Ive been working out and dieting and doing the tummy tuck program religiously for one month and I am truly happy! I couldn't have achieved these results without it......Only down fall is this program is can find a cheaper tummy shaper and slimming cream on Amazon and get the same results.

  • Dan Tech Man - It finally stopped snowing.

    No chemical smell like the Walmart brand. I am not always a brand name guy but with this stuff - it's no question. Also it works! It finally stopped snowing. < Get it? Snow? Ha ha