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  • maui demigod - Fantastic product! It replaces my regular dental floss 99% ...

    Fantastic product! It replaces my regular dental floss 99% of the time. So far, I had to use a floss after eating some oranges. I, of course, used regular dental to floss to confirm immaculate cleanliness between my teeth, and there was no smell nor residue on the floss. For the price and dental effectiveness, I highly recommend this product.

  • Secret Squirrel - Are they truly "sublingual"?

    I ordered these to help boost my energy levels. I ordered this specific item because: the form of B-12 in this item is better absorbed, so the research seems to indicate, than over varieties. I also liked the high dosage. (As of the time of this review, there is no evidence that I have been able to find that indicates any harm in taking higher doses... some evidence suggests, and I am inclined to believe, that many could benefit from taking higher amounts of B-12...)

  • Sisi - Just okay...

    I just bought this from wal mart and did a car wash. I usually go with meguiars crystal wash which historically has given me lots and lots of foam and lubricity for the last 3 years, but because it was on clearance and out of stock I was stuck having to choose something else. I figured I'm already in the store might as well get something else since weather'll be good for the next week. I chose this one because of the reviews on amazon.

  • Stephen J. Boone - Note That I Only Hate THIS Batch

    I have taken CandiZyme with great success for some time, but I got very ill after taking this batch. It was only after having severe G.I. symptoms, plus aches, headache and more for 8 days that I learned there had been a recall due to "potentially fatal" contamination. I had been experiencing the EXACT symptoms listed as possible when exposed to the agent that had apparently gotten into CandiZyme. Given that my symptoms had been going on for 8 days before I even learned of the recall, I think it's safe to say that the symptoms were not in my head.

  • E. Zweiger - Not enough hours in the day

    Extremely slow process. If trying to do toe nails, your legs will cramp up before you see any progress at all. But. I have some weird ones that get bloody if clipped so I have grind away on those. So somewhat useful.