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  • CabbieMom - and some bad language, but overall

    I have read most of Scott Pratt's books, and he keeps my interest in the books. There is some violence, and some bad language, but overall, it is acceptable in it's context. I will purchase more books when I have finished this one.

  • DieselPhotography - 5 stars...This this works big time

    This product work first use...I can't explain the magnitude of my satisfaction. For the last 2 years I started having bad breath to the point my wife complained just about everyday...I would brush an it really didn't's embarrassing to have this problem...I went to class one night and a girl next to me must have smelled a whiff an whispered to the girl next to her an she was laughing...I couldn't talk to ppl too close...I felt so bad an my confidence was gone...I'm a handsome man, but with this problem it doesn't matter...I was skeptical in buying this product but finally I did after reading the great the first use my mouth felt a freshness I didn't think was possible...If any person has a breath issue I am being very honest in saying you need to get this product's also sold in Walgreens, CVS, Taret, Rite Aid...This Therabreath thing works...for any review less than 5 stars clearly these ppl must have issues that can't be disrespect guy.

  • Therizza - Very universal, but flimsy.

    It charges all different battery types, but the expandable battery holder is not very sturdy. I have already broken one and I am on my second charger. Just be very careful when putting batteries in and taking them out.