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harm-mandy.reismee.nl » Home » harm-mandy.reismee.nl - Op deze weblog harm-mandy.reismee.nl vind je alle reisverhalen, foto's en routekaart van deze reis.

  • http://harm-mandy.reismee.nl/reisverhaal/313779/adios-peru-hola-hollanda/ Adios Peru, hola Hollanda » Reisverhalen » harm-mandy.reismee.nl » harm-mandy.reismee.nl - Hola a todos, Er is een tijd van komen en er is een tijd van gaan en dat geldt helaas ook voor onze reis. Wat hebben we veel gezien en vooral ontzettend genoten. Voordat we echt afsluiten..
  • http://harm-mandy.reismee.nl/reisverhaal/313556/nasca-y-ica/ Nasca y Ica » Reisverhalen » harm-mandy.reismee.nl » harm-mandy.reismee.nl - Hola a todos, Na een busrit van tien uur kwamen we donderdagavond laat aan in Nasca, een kleine stad die vooral bekend is vanwege de lijnen en tekeningen op een pampa op 25km van de stad...
  • http://harm-mandy.reismee.nl/reisverhaal/313215/arequipa-y-colca-canyon/ Arequipa y Colca Canyon » Reisverhalen » harm-mandy.reismee.nl » harm-mandy.reismee.nl - Hola!  Na onze lange reisdag van vrijdag hebben we zaterdag eerst lekker uitgeslapen. Nadat we onze was hadden weggebracht zijn we naar een barbier in de buurt gegaan. Harm had zich ..
  • http://harm-mandy.reismee.nl/reisverhaal/312953/cochabamba-en-terug-naar-peru/ Cochabamba en terug naar Peru » Reisverhalen » harm-mandy.reismee.nl » harm-mandy.reismee.nl - Hola a todos, Cochabamba is na La Paz - El Alto en Santa Cruz de derde stad van Bolivia en wordt ook wel beschouwd als de meest ideale stad van bet land. Door de ligging op 2500m tussen e..
  • http://harm-mandy.reismee.nl/reisverhaal/312652/ziek/ Ziek » Reisverhalen » harm-mandy.reismee.nl » harm-mandy.reismee.nl - Hola! De titel van ons blog klinkt niet erg vrolijk maar vat in één woord wel het beste samen wat wij de afgelopen dagen hebben beleefd. Harm kreeg van maandag- op dinsdagna..
  • http://harm-mandy.reismee.nl/reisverhaal/312355/potosi-y-sucre/ Potosi y Sucre » Reisverhalen » harm-mandy.reismee.nl » harm-mandy.reismee.nl - Hola! Potosi is de hoogst gelegen stad ter wereld op een hoogte van bijna 4100 meter. Je zou op een dergelijke hoogte misschien niet veel leven verwachten maar niets is minder waar. Toen de..
  • http://harm-mandy.reismee.nl/reisverhaal/312171/salar-de-uyuni/ Salar de Uyuni » Reisverhalen » harm-mandy.reismee.nl » harm-mandy.reismee.nl - Hola a todos, Zaterdag hebben we eerst onze was weggebracht, ook dat hoort bij het leven van twee backpackers. Daarna zijn we tours over de zoutvlakte gaan
  • http://harm-mandy.reismee.nl/reisverhaal/311835/la-paz/ La Paz » Reisverhalen » harm-mandy.reismee.nl » harm-mandy.reismee.nl - Hola! Zondagochtend werden we vroeg wakker. De feestgangers van de avond ervoor hadden energie voor het hele Boliviaanse volk, zij hadden de hele nacht gefeest en 's morgens om 6u lieten ..

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  • Amazon Customer - Good Price and Easy Download

    I have used H&R Block tax software and its direct predecessor TaxCut for years and have been satisfied. The 2015 edition (Deluxe version) was adequate for my relatively simple return. The interview was quick and efficient. Efiling was easy and, because I owed more tax, the post-dated direct transfer option to the IRS from our checking account worked flawlessly. Probably the best aspect was the savings on the purchase and quick download afforded by Amazon.

  • Krista Y - This center console was amazing for my scion xD

    This center console was amazing for my scion xD. The storage was great and it was a great fit that looked like it belonged in the car.

  • Stephen - for over 1 year now I've been having a professional ...

    for over 1 year now I've been having a professional exterminator treat my apartment for bugs without success with one treatment of this I am now free of the bugs looks wonderful

  • amoeba013 - Works well in metro area...

    After reading the myriad of reviews about this antenna all over the web, it pretty much leaves you up to deciding on your own...so i figured I'd take a chance and see what happened. I live in the Denver metro area so radio signal strength is very good wherever I spend my time (I haven't tried up in the mountains yet, but Satellite is the only true answer there). For the folks that are living out in rural areas, or even just moderately distanced from the radio towers, i would expect the Stubby to be much less effective as many have already pointed out...thats just simple physics. Like I said, living close to the metro area, the antenna is working great, i'm getting very clear signal and all the HD stations tune in so no loss of functionality there. The Stubby itself looks good, is constructed well, fit was spot on (as it should since its not a universal fit accessory). I am using this on my '13 Toyota 4Runner and its a much improved look over the stock 2ft. antenna.

  • audrey - Very Poor Customer Service!

    I also have Xzilon product on my Lexus. Ater Xzilon tech couldn't remove the spots on the paint, he suggested repainting. Xzilon rep. Ms. Alves asked for photos which I sent. Since then I've left at least four messages and emails with no response. Today I called the supervisor out of frustration and left another voicemail. I will be calling my Lexus dealer to complain as well. Very poor customer service for an very expensive product!!

  • Amazon Customer - Distracting typos in Kindle version

    I'm not sure if the typos are unique to the Kindle version, but they are frequent and distracting. They seem to be the sort of typos caused by OCR, which is weird, since the publisher presumably had the text itself.

  • Determined Shopper - like Shea Moisture

    I have been trying different products that others say work for 2 years and they either did nothing for my hair (too dry after all product piled on), too greasy and embarassing, but this product gives you the wet, moist look and light, non-greasy to touch feel. I have found what actually works on my head. It is on the expensive side in comparison to other top brands, like Shea Moisture, but it is worth it. I will use nothing else along with this brand's detangler on my hair for the non-relaxed, moist, curly look. I recommend for people with soft, curly hair. It does not flake after days of use, even if you use EcoStyler Gel as an edge control. Great product.