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  • darlene r. - IT STICKS!!!!!!!

    NOT NON-STICK!! Well actually it was non-stick for one use! Cooked eggs on low to medium the next time and eggs were sticking. Its only non stick if you use some type of oil or butter. Very disappointed!! Knew this was too good to be true!!

  • Dominick A Daidone - I like the shape of the mouse and its very light

    I like the shape of the mouse and its very light, the problem with this mouse is that the liftoff distance is very low. I tried this on a couple different mousepads, and use it primarily for FPS games. it seemed to be a bit better on slick surfaced mousepads, such as a hardpad or a razer speed series goliathus. On a Control Goliathus it was awful. The other problem i had is loose mouse buttons, and it just felt flimsy overall. I say loose buttons meaning that the right click could be gently pressed and it would feel not snug to the mouse as if there was play between the click and the button, but the left button was fine. I have tried out quite a few mice and this was my least favorite. I currently use a g303, and have used a razer deathadder (older was better than the new chroma, as i have used both). I have tried many mice, but this was inferior to all of those. Most likely going to try a zowie in the future here.