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  • http://ibrfinc.org/donate.html Neurology - international Brain Research Foundation, Inc. - The International Brain Research Foundation has begun to cement relationships both nationally and internationally with leading neuroscientists who will become valuable partners in our future collaborations as we reach beyond the known.
  • http://ibrfinc.org/about-us.html international Brain Research Foundation, Inc. : About - The International Brain Research Foundation, Inc. (IBRF) is a 501c3 public charity that serves as a platform for support of, and collaboration with, leading neuroscientists and research institutions around the world.
  • http://ibrfinc.org/patient-progress.html Patient Progress | IBRF | Flanders, New Jersey - We at IBRF would like to share the “....challenges, journeys, and triumphs....” TBI patients face each day on their way to recovery.
  • http://ibrfinc.org/research.html Research | IBRF | Flanders, New Jersey - Advanced cutting-edge brain research within the expert domains of Coma and Traumatic Brain Injury; Autism and ADD/ADHD; and Alzheimer's/Dementia.
  • http://ibrfinc.org/contact-us.html international Brain Research Foundation, Inc. : Contact - To learn more about our organization, or to inquire how you might become more involved, contact us

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  • surfrock66 - Very nice, but not for a beginner DIY enthusiast.

    This is such a better solution than replacing the countertops, but don't for a minute think this is like painting. We did it slowly, took our time, followed the directions some, improvised some, and in the end got something we were happy with...but it's not for the faint of heart.

  • Brandon - Excellent phone for price

    Works with Ting. Says it doesn't on their site but it does indeed work on Ting. We bought this for our son to play Pokemon go and I'm very impressed with this phone. No boat ware nice looking screen, gets 3g and 4g service with no problems, my son watches YouTube on it and best of all the battery lasts for a good amount of time. Definitely worth the price, I'd say it's going to be pretty hard to beat for the price.

  • Jay George - Short life span appliance

    It worked well for the first six months and then inexplicably died never to work again. It was an unfortunate waste of money. Too bad because I did enjoy cooking with it.

  • Polina - One bottle down and at 23 weeks no strech marks

    Just finished my first bottle of the Bio-Oil. I started using it at around 12 weeks and am now at 23 weeks. *Knock on the wood* still no stretch marks! Just ordered a second bottle and hoping it will prevent any possible future stretch marks on my tummy and thighs. The only complain, whenever I would put cloths on right after I rubbed the oil in, it would make my skin extremely itchy. You have to wait a little while to make sure the oil is completely dry before you put a shirt on. But it doesn't stain cloths, which is a good thing.