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  • Amzn Shopper - Just Like The Gym - Only Better!

    When our gym membership expired, my husband and I decided to purchase our own equipment. We researched treadmills for a couple of months before deciding on the Sole F80. Now that we've had it for a few days, I can easily see we made the right choice. It's very quiet and solidly built. As others have said, it is VERY heavy. We had 2 men here to meet the delivery truck. It was delivered by ABF Freight. The delivery driver was extremely nice and offered to help the guys bring the treadmill up the steps and into the house, something he was not required to do. After it was inside, my husband put it together by himself. It only took him about 20 minutes. Do be careful of the wiring in the handles. The way the screws go in, they could very easily get cut. My husband stuffed the wires down into the handles and put a piece of electrical tape over them. That worked perfectly to keep them out of the way. Something not mentioned in the description, or the manual we downloaded from Sole's website is that the treadmill has a jack to plug in your iPod (they even include the cable) and another jack to plug in your earbuds. It also has speakers. This is great for me because I don't like having my iPod clipped to my clothing while I run. Anyway, we are loving this machine!

  • Rafael - Online Multiplayer Dancing? YES!

    Obviously, there's lots of comparison between this and Dance Central 3. While, DC3 remains my favorite kinect dance game, this is the game that I play the most.

  • Cindy Westcott - Now I Understand . . .

    Once you see this video, things you've wondered about President Obama's actions will start to fall into place. It is creatively superb. The filming and script are terrific. We saw it in the theater and now are buying the video because this is a part of history and we want to own a copy.

  • Tom Lowry - Three Stars

    Earphones are comfortable to wear and have an ok sound, however they tend to not fit too well and have fallen out twice when I am walking. I wouldn't think of trying them when running as they will fall out and come apart. It also seems that the Bluetooth signal comes in and out even when my phone is in my pocket. I don't know if I would recommend these to anyone from my experiences.

  • ominya - it also gives a sound but not that loud anyways as long as he satisfied i am all good

    i bought this for my brother i honestly don't understand anything about cars but my little bro loving it he said it gives strength to his car. it also gives a sound but not that loud anyways as long as he satisfied i am all good

  • A. Preiss - none existent customer service, you'll need a friend with some advanced computer skills

    Originally had 2010 version of this program which I had set up for an automatic back to a 3rd system hard drive. I ran in the background flawlessly, literally for years. Until the other day when I needed to recover an old image from and old laptop that I had backed with Acronis years ago. Found out then that my version had expired. No problem I thought, I'd liked the program and don't mind upgrading. That's when I began to hate Acronis. Turns out the 2010 version is particularly difficult to uninstall. Took me about two days because Acronis doesn't have an 800 number, or tech support chat, or really any customer service at all unless you're buying something. All there is, a customer forum where I finally found a solution. In this day and age I expect software to be able to uninstall older versions, I think that's a reasonable expectation. And not to have to perform an exhaustive google search.