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  • Janice - This was a gift for my grandchildren. They can't ...

    This was a gift for my grandchildren. They can't play it on their ps4. It needs controllers, which I bought but do not work with the ps4 and now they need a camera as well. They don't have iphones so now what are they supposed to do? I have reached out to get assistance but no one seems to care. Merry Christmas? I don't think so.

  • m.legault - CAUTION!!!!!!!!

    I bought the collar for my 11 year old dog because the topicals I used to use make me nervous and seem to burn him when I administer it. I thought that this collar was the best idea and it might very well be. But for my dog, it was the worst thing! After putting this collar on, my dog's personality changed dramatically. He became very lethargic, his eating habits changed, he was very cranky AND started having focal seizures. Once I took the collar off, he went back to his normal self. He is eating and playing like he used to and is having no more seizures. I'm not saying this will happen to everyone that buys this product, but be aware and use with caution.

  • A. B. Readerson - It would make an already clean floor look dirty.

    This is a bad product. I received this as a gift from my parents who thought it would lighten my cleaning load. I cheerfully read the simple directions and got started. I couldn't help noticing that it required a great deal of effort to "mop" the floor. Also it did not do a very good job vacuuming. I continued thinking maybe It would be worth it, and I could use the workout. My tile floor in the kitchen did not get very clean. The edges were untouched by this cumbersome beast. As for my wood floor - it was left very dull having this thing smear the dirt around. It was exhausting to use and would make an already clean floor look dirty.

  • Lucy Lassiter - Three Stars

    Not so satisfied, not easy to operate, this one is a refurbished phone, constantly rebooting, most inconvenien t!!!!

  • Jim G - LD remanufactued toner works well in my HP 1020

    This is my second purchase of the LD re-manufactured toner cartridge for my HP 1020. So far this one works quietly and well. No smudges or streaks. I have used other re-manufactured cartridges that squeaked constantly. Only question remaining is how long it lasts. First LD was good. I'll buy more of these.