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  • Feelinggood - Everyone should be using!

    I have been using these for years. It makes the "curse" so much easier. Actually honestly like it isn't even happening. With tampons, I am having to go to the bathroom every hour and use a back up full size pad. With this, I can use just a liner and it last all day. Heaviest day, I may need to "dump" after 8 hours. It does have a learning curve though. The first couple of times, the removal can be a bit tricky. Just hang with it, and then it becomes really easy. Also, to be able to have sex during the "curse" and keep it clean is AWESOME. I use one per a period. I just wash and reuse. I have never had a problem. I know that is not what they recommend, but washing with anti bacterial soap and drying seems to work for me.

  • IceOnFire - Very nice built bike and smooth ride

    I reieved this bike as a gift from my wife after weeks of researching other bikes and I decided to take a risk and purchase one online.

  • Kim Nettles - a great addition

    So easy to use and clean, this product beats a traditional mandoline by a mile. I bought one for myself, then one for every cook in my family. If you care about color be careful when ordering. I bought black because the colored ones are very bright.

  • J. Biener - Great Book

    Heading toward SS and Medicare. Don't make any decisions until you have this book. Easy explanations and examples, well written, use as reference book. One serious piece of work, well done!

  • Carolina Hurricanes Fan - Can't Keep a P and D for each year

    Note this book is unlike those that provide spots for all mint locations that a coin may be minted. In the case of quarters minted in Denver and Philadelphia which feature a D or P respectively on a coin, there are not spots for both in these books. You'll have to buy a second book to keep your D and Ps separately

  • Engineering_Knack - Tired of a thousand pieces to keep track of

    This is not a practical stroller for a mom. Sure it's has some nice features and well thought out by some engineers but not practical for a busy mom. You have adaptors to attach the car seat and stroller. You have to unattach them at the airport or if u want to attach the snack tray. You have to buy the other parts separately that normal stroller has: cup holders, snack tray, accessory bad to hold accessories. Wished I never bought it. To much to keep track of. Ugh!

  • T. Butler - Just awful

    I really struggled to get through this movie. I was hoping it might be good. I maybe laughed at one joke, the others just fell flat. Some of the terms used in the movie like lay lines were referenced. This was somewhat interesting, but other terms were just idiotic and insulting to the audiences intelligence. Some of the CGI ghosts are cool looking. I think a franchise like this should be done really well, considering the originals are considered classics. I hope it gets a remake and then this one gets forgotten.