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  • mitch camp - Great mats

    Excellent product.Fits perfectly in my 2013 150. These mats are heavy duty and not the flimsy ones. I love them.

  • Wuzz - Dencent, Read Instructions Carefully

    Decent quality product , but hard to apply without getting a few bubbles , seems like wet application prodused more than dry. But if your pop the bigger ones with a Sharpe needle it's not noticeable. Looks nice tho

  • Rebecca - Quiet and very easy to use

    This machine is extremely quiet and so easy to use, the first day using it I thought, no way is this thing going to really work. Just to easy. Stayed on 30 minutes while watching t.v and could have done it all night. The next day I did feel it, in my lower legs especially, so I guess it really does work. My entire family uses it, have to wait in line to use it. So much easier than a treadmill and quieter too. I don't believe the calorie counter is correct, no way I burned over 340 calories in 30 minutes, didn't even break out in a sweat. I would recommend wearing shoes, because doing it barefoot will cause your feet to go numb not to mention those tread things digging in your feet. For under $100 can't go wrong with this machine. Purchased ours at Wal-mart for $94.

  • Dalena - I swear on this stuff

    This stuff is amazing. I'm 23 and for a long time, I had chronicle yeast infections and BV. I kept having to go to the doctors every month for antibiotics. It was embarrassing! This might be tmi but I couldn't have sex with my boyfriend because of it. So I found this probiotic online, and I haven't had problems since. I used to take it daily but now I only take it after fun time with the boyfriend lol.

  • laurence vallord - Wouldn't go without it!

    I love this product and keep buying it over and over again! I have recommended it to family members and friends who all got great results! After a year of taking it religiously every day, my hair as more volume than ever, really helped after a very difficult time when my hair fell out and didn't grow back for years! Allow at least 3 months, but if you stick with it, you won't regret it!

  • Lloyd - Everything I was expecting and more!

    Loving using this product so far. I have an older car with an older stereo, and it's always been a pain to secure my phone when I would hook it up with auxiliary cords.


    We bought these for my wife who has a really bad sprained ankle with resulting swollen toes and foot.