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  • Megan T. - Forward Jamaica!!!

    If you already own FIFA 14 on PS3, there are still good reasons to buy this game. First of all, Jamaica had a monumental breakdown in the last stage of Qualifying and now I can rewrite the story. This game features 202 International teams (if Im not mistaken) which is the largest roster of countries assembled. The game lets you play the world cup in whatever length you wish. You can play the final game, the knockout tournament, the group stages/tourney, or the full campaign of 4 years of Qualifying eventually leading up to the finale. There is also a re-vamp to the single player story, which allows you to go from a relative nobody, (competing with teammates for a spot before the next cut), to captaining your country on the grand stage. I recommend this game because the last time I got to play with Jamaica in a game was World Cup 98 and it feels good to hoist the gold for your country, especially if you hail from one that usually gets overlooked. I think many people around the world will buy this game for that reason and I think it will pay off in longevity. 2-3 years from now, no one will be playing FIFA 14, they will be playing FIFA 16-17, but I think this game will persist alongside.

  • James B Little - Excellent

    Works exactly like it should... not a surprise. I have been using Norton products for many years and they always do what they're supposed to do.

  • Allisun Williams - Daiya cheese makes you sick

    I have had this cheese several times. Every time it feels like I've gotten food poisoning from it, and ended up with mild pancreatitis from it as well ( I'm only in my 20's!)

  • Maria - Destructive to our society

    I must say I'm really disappointed that we gave women the power to write. Lately they've been thinking they can do things like vote, get jobs, and speak their minds! As if their opinions are worth as much as their husbands' or something. Quite frankly, I miss the days when the women were at home knitting and cooking and raising the children--not writing. This pen is only aggravating a harmful situation that we ourselves brought upon our society.

  • Jeff Van Laeke - I would definitely recommend keeping heat on max for first 100 miles

    Worked very well after following instructions and driver car for approx. 100 miles. I had antifreeze in my exhaust and this completely eliminated it.

  • Mike - Just don't ask for help or expect it to work

    The scanning went fine all the way until I ended up with nav.exe causing very high CPU. I followed the links to get Help, which ultimately dumped me in a Forum. I created a message with very detailed information about my problem and the troubleshooting I did along with the results. I waited a week. No response from Norton. I prodded the Forum and got two messages. Both from just people out on the web that happen to monitor this forum (a strange thing to do) and not actual Norton employees. Norton has to this day never respond to the problem.