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  • FeelingOld - WARNING: You will regret it later

    Be careful about giving much weight to the reviews written by readers who have not used VersaCheck very long. If you ever have a computer crash you are in deep trouble. VersaCheck will NOT let you reload the program until you complete an online reset form and wait at least 48 hours and don't hold your breath. When I couldn't get a reset, I went out and purchased a NEW retail copy and tried loading it -- NO way. Still licensing issues. Here it is days later and I am waiting on VersaCheck to open on the West Coast and I still can not write checks. What an expensive disaster. Reasons not to buy VersaCheck:

  • Kimberly Johnson - Enjoyed

    Excellent book and I love the new take on dragons as aliens. It gives you so much to work with as far as characteristics and the ability to create your own mythos so that was really enjoyable. I enjoyed the dynamic between the two main characters. For me some of the story seemed to take away from the main storyline and it made it a little hard to read. Usually I can devour a book really quickly but when there are hesitations I have to push through it takes longer. It was excellent enough I just pushed through instead of quit reading. Pleasant read, excellent book.

  • MKCAR1 - really good but not perfect in my opinion

    As is normally the case in life - the Netgear Orbi RBK50 has its positives and negatives. Not to give to lengthy of a review I will try to highlight the positive/negative points below as I perceive them to be as well as the results of my before/after speed test(s);

  • Claire B. - enviro cloths

    The enviro cloth is a waste of time unless you follow up by wiping down with the polshing cloth (if you are using it wet). Don't even bother using it dry. It does not pick up dust and other debris used either wet or dry as Norwex claims, it just moves it around. It's very frustrating. I find myself going over and over a surface to get it clean and end up using an inexpensive micro cloth with a little Pledge. It's much more effective. I don't have the time to waste nor the money. They are so overpriced it's crazy. Oh...and if you want streaked windows...

  • al-Halabi - Learn to haggle westerners.

    It's a pretty good product but you people apparently don't know how to haggle. I got the entire set like 10 different items for under $100 in the mall kiosk. How? Haggling. I'm from Jerusalem so they know it when I go to them, they know not to try and bs me. the says ohhhh its 129 but 80 for you and say 25 which he laughs at but doesn't end it there. He insists 80 but I say 35 he says hes my friend blah blah blah I say were from the same place blah blah blah. He says you know what? I like you 50 so I say 25. He tells me the computer wont allow 25. We settle on 3 of the socalled "$130 items" + soap for a grand total of $50. Then I go to the other kiosk (my locl mall has 3 because americans don't know how to haggle) and do the same for the complete set.

  • M. Taylor - I love this camera pen

    I love this camera pen! It has been working precisely as you said it would. I have not been able to catch the culprit I've been looking for but I know I will. Thanks, for a great pen, and for the speedy delivery!

  • DELLE - One Star