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Tert-Butyldimethylsilyl Chloride - Taizhou Jinghao Chemical Co., Ltd - TaiZhou Jinghao Chemical CO., Ltd. is located in Jiaojiang Dist., Taizhou,Tert-butyldimethylsilyl chloride is our main product, we will continue to expand its monthly output to 65 tons at the later of 2011

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  • Chris - FIFA kind of let me down

    Some of the game of the game modes just don't really fulfill what I envisioned this game to be. The controls, graphics and movement is generally the same at FIFA 14 so there is no real points their. What was a shame was the jerseys in the game are last world cups versions instead of the current jerseys. I really would have liked to have the new kits, maybe in a DLC?

  • Train Rider - Key Code doesn't work...McAfee link to download doesn't work...waste of time and money

    First, the link provided within the McAfee folder with the Key card doesn't work. I had to search for other solution to find the McAfee page with the product activation field so I could enter the key code and download the software (expectantly?). However, the key code did not work! Spent almost two hours on the phone with Intel/McAfee only to have them decide they could not confirm that I purchased the retail key card with access code and refer me back to Amazon. In general, the McAfee site was not helpful...its only a store front to sell, sell, sell. On the other hand, Amazon was GREAT. Within about two minutes they credited my account for the purchase and told me to throw away the useless card. Not sure what "Online Tech Group" is selling, but it didn't work and wasted my time. I will not buy from "Online Tech Group" again.

  • Luckybar Miguel - I was just practical in choosing and buying an anti-virus ...

    I was just practical in choosing and buying an anti-virus for my pc. Though, I believe that computers need any kind of virus protectors to block any sort of viruses that may hamper them, I suggest that we can purchase and use any of them even if they are old versions. What's important is to have an anti-virus installed that will serve as protectors to our own computers.

  • melcon - This product works...

    I started taking these because hormonal imbalance was making me dry and itchy "down there." After a few weeks, I noticed a BIG difference, and now I have no problems whatsoever. I feel younger and back to normal again. (I'm 41.) These are worth the cost. The capsule is so small, and you only have to take one a day. I keep mine in my refrigerator and take one every morning.

  • C Lewis - A Scam

    I read the reviews and purchased this product. It does not work. My appetite was the same, it was as if I was taking pills made of air. Do not make this purchase. I am very disappointed in this product and the false advertisements about what it can do.

  • Charlotte Arzola - Priceless Resource

    Over 2,000 options made available in one handy book. Hopeful we'll find SOMETHING that can help cut college costs.