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  • Michael B. - I give this product 5 starts, But....

    This is the 2nd time I've used this cleanse and I loved the results the first time. I was surprised that (for me) I never really felt all that hungry during the 10 days. By the 5th day, I said to myself, "Why am I not feeling hungry?!" Don't get me wrong, there were times of just a hint of feeling hungry but nothing that wasn't controllable. The first time I bought the "cleanse kit" from an actual distributor....

  • Anon - Thought it was wacky, now we love it.

    Hubby & I both love this floss. He made so much fun of me when it first arrived, but now he is a convert. It's so much thicker than regular floss, and the coating is just the right amount of sticky to help it stick to your fingers, unlike plastic floss that just slides through. We got the mint. I can't say it's strongly mint-flavored, it's kind of nothing. But whatever - our previous floss wasn't flavored either. It is a little more expensive than regular floss, but I just make sure to bring my coffee from home for a couple of days & figure I've saved the difference. I also appreciate that it comes in a minimalist, cardboard mailer, so it doesn't waste a whole lot of packaging material (full disclosure: I get mine directly through the cocofloss website, not on Amazon, so your mileage may vary on the packaging).

  • ian rojo - Really nice tool

    This pocket knife is all I expected and more. It's a Leatherman and its a quality made tool. Nice features; like the one finger blade snap, the bottle opener, yet still nice and compact to be a pocket knife.

  • Jim D - Motorola SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem...

    My New Hampshire ISP is Comcast. My previous modem was a Comcast-leased Arris TM402P DOCSIS 2.0 dinosaur which I regularly got about 25 MB/second DOWNLOADS and 4 MB/second UPLOADS with the Comcast "Performance" level service. I purchased this Motorola SB6141 predicated upon the numerous favorable reviews I read here and on other mail order and technical web sites.

  • Kyrtin Atreides - Healthy, cheap, effective, 6 months proven

    We've been taking this every day for a few months now, and while we noticed the biggest difference going from not taking B-12 supplements to taking these I'm quite positive that my wife and I have benefited from the continued use of these very affordable little daily supplements. They're just as affordable as many of the nasty little Cyano-type B-12 supplements that do just as much harm as good, which you'll find in brands which are supposed to be very health conscious, such as Whole Food's store brand "365", which has a laundry list of vitamin supplements that all contain Cyano-B-12.

  • samuel - these SUCK. at least in many ways

    these SUCK. at least in many ways, they SUCK. but first the good: these tumblers are the most effective for keeping drinks cold. they are extremely good at this. the bad:

  • N. S. Auxier - Great coin collecting book

    I got this for my mother and she loves it. The map is large and good print quality. The quarters fit right in. If you're careful, you can remove quarters from the map with minimal damage. She liked that it has two spots for each quarter, so you can collect both mints. It is also very informative, as it tells you which national park is for which state and what year they will be released.