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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Anthony K. Blais - Great taste and best mixed with milk

    Great taste and best mixed with milk. Great flavor no nasy after taste. Nice change from chocolat and vanilla. Seems to be okay for recovery could be better in my opinion then the price might go up. I do think it's expensive compared to choclate and vanilla why I'm not sure, so that's frustrating.

  • MaryH - Does the job.

    Works as well as my Waterpik that I previously had and is more reasonably priced than Waterpik. Like the design with the two compartments. Only complaint is the setting on the wand itself. Easily changes when I don't want it to. Waterpik has a dial on the unit and I prefer that.

  • Bloodaxes - Niacin Dump

    I bought these through my local grocery store. They definitely give me extreme energy, but they feel almost dangerous. I would take them before leaving to work and not long into my drive my heart wound start pounding and I would sweatand feel terribly hot. I kind of liked the feeling, but the reaction I had due to the niacin was unbearable. My skin from head to toe turned lobster red, burned, and was tender to the touch for about half an hour every time I took a dose, even with just one pill. I can't recommend these, especially if you haven't consulted a doctor first to see if your body could handle it. The Red bottle is excellent, without the side effects.