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  • Warren Weissman - Good thing for my backup and older laptop

    Beware!!!!!!! A key Feature of this Product does not work "EDIT WRAP POINTS" Don't transfer ANYTHING from Publisher 2007 & 2010 into Publisher 2013 it will disable all of your EDIT WRAP POINT work !!! I found out the hard way. Good thing for my backup and older laptop. Edit Wrap Points is a great feature hope they fix it in future version. I'm sure a fix is in the works but until than look for an older version 2007 & 2010 both work on windows 8. You can run multiple versions of publisher on windows 8. Use advanced settings to enable Publisher 2013 and load 2010 or 2007. I am going to refund and use the old version on the old laptop for now. otherwise it seems publisher 2013 works as well with some nice new features !

  • J Wolf and J Sad - Surprisingly awesome

    I was really, really surprised by the great quality of this body scrub. It was easy to spread on, exfoliate and, when I washed it off, it left a lovely coconut moisture on my legs and I wanted to exfoliate them again! It was not clumpy like so many body scrubs. It also did not harm my very sensitive skin on my legs. It smells good, feels good and the price is appropriate.

  • Maddie - DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!

    I was really excited when I first got this app. Right away I was taken to a screen that said since I was new I could choose and item that I would get basically for free except for shipping. Then I go through adding things to a list of things I like that are a good price. As I'm looking at these I see an item that I purchased for a friend and went through a process of agreeing to buy it and it was all good. About 10 minutes later I get a notification that the order is now being processed which led me to looking at my order history to see about my free item. Lo and behold my free item has been cancelled and there is an item that I didn't purchase and definitely didn't go through the same ordering process I went through to get my item I actually purchased. So immediately I go to cancel the order. It's apparently not an immediate thing and it basically amounts to send the app a message. Their response was basically we can't do anything till it's processed so message us again in 24-48 hours. So I wait and resend the message about 36 hours later. Now they say they can't cancel the order because it's already shipped. What!? Why wasn't a note of some sort put on this to cancel the order as soon as it was processed? Why is this item I never even looked at being charged to my card? So now they are saying that when it arrives I should take pictures and send it back. Well F that! do not get this app! It will make purchases for things you didn't want in the first place and the staff won't do diddly about it

  • stilagal - hopefully will see even better results!

    Didn't buy it here, but it does work! I'm a fan. Started fading my dark spots within 2 weeks, and I used only a dab on each area. Will continue to use, hopefully will see even better results!

  • Amazon Customer - Good Story to Illustrate Modern Scheduling Theory

    A thoughtful and entertaining book with a storyline demonstrating how to apply modern production management principles to a difficult situation. This book was first published quite a while ago and even though revised would do even better if modern communication methods and societal more's were updated. A quibble, however, as the story itself is a very good way to help people understand the issues a manufacturing facility faces on a daily basis and a pathway to optimization. The process is a bit simplistic and the resistance to change by the personnel, the union and management was understated compared to reality but it is a story used to illustrate a point. As a former Operations guy myself I sympathized with the pressures the plant manager was facing in particular how sales & upper management fail to understand the difficulties faced by production. The concept of removing bottlenecks was done well. This is a good book even for experienced operations personnel to use to gain insight into complex scheduling processes and could help with getting buy-in for managing change and moving toward modern scheduling techniques.