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  • Land of enchantment - Afraid I Got A Set With Faulty Adhesive.

    Product sticks well in center, but not on 3 plus sides of screen. Brand new phone. Cleaned/applied according to directions. Protector is well centered. Called seller and then asked I get a photo of how the protector is not sticking on the side. I tried with a Sony 6300, but with the dark screen there is too much glare to provide an accurate photo.

  • Amazon Customer - I'm not understanding all the bad reviews on this tanner

    I'm not understanding all the bad reviews on this tanner. I LOVE IT. I understand different skins types react differently but for me, it works. I am a year round tanner and came across this one from a social media site and figured I try it. A lot of negative about the smell. no complaints here. I love the fact that you can use as much as needed to get the desired tan. a little oranging of the hands but that's because I didn't get it off quickly as bottle directs. Will buy again