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  • Sarah and Micah Battaglia - Great diapers

    We love pamper swaddlers. They are my second favorite brand the first being Earth's Best. We had been using earth's best but with a new baby coming and the need to buy two sets of diapers we decided to switch to pampers because for cost reasons. The are definitely more affordable. I've tried lots of different brands over the years of raising my to be four children from pampers, huggies, generics, seventh generation, honest company, and earth's best. These are number 2 on my list! Great diapers!

  • Katy - Nerve improvement, memory enhancer.

    My doctor recommended these particular B vitamins due a condition in which the coverings on my nerves are deteriorating leading to sudden sharp pain, tingling, and loss of use in one arm. I have been using them for 4 years now. My condition has not worsened and seems to have improved, if not gone away. My father mentioned a similar problem and I offered him these vitamins. He saw improvement within a month. He offered them to an older brother. The brother did not see his pains go away but found substantial improvement in his memory. He now uses them as part of his everyday regimen, calling my dad whenever he is running low for a fresh supply. As neither of these men has a computer, I have become their supplier and find it rather amusing that they call, asking for their 'vitamin B fix'.

  • hate to say this - Tool for Aspiring Graphic arts students

    Let me explain I am by far no expert on software, and I patiently trying to master adobe illustrator, but meanwhile I am in college to teach art to teens. So I bought seemed an outstanding price, and now 2 fellow college students , who want to make comics, are trying it out for me. So far it seems to be a huge hit with these beginners. It can introduce story boarding, basic manipulation of the tools, how to market art and comic strips on the internet...and more.

  • Beth J - Prevented and Cured Rash

    I have finally won the battle with diaper rash!!! After trying Destin, Destin Max strength and Boudreaux's butt paste, this was the only diaper rash cream that has worked to not only prevent diaper rash but get rid of the awful rash she already had.