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  • Susanna Yi - Easy to use, deliver on time. I used it as a mini facial tool and love it.

    Easy to use, deliver on time. I used it as a mini facial tool and love it. I would recommend to other customers.

  • Dangerous Dirk - Great Elliptical machine for the price! very sturdy!

    I did a LOT of research on ellipticals earlier this year, and after all of this, decided on the e55 from Sole. This thing is sturdy! I am 6'4 about 250 and was worried about the sturdiness of an elliptical, especially after tyring so many crappy models in different stores. Most of them rocked and felt like they were coming apart when I really got going fast. not this one. This thing was delivered in a HUGE box and is very heavy and akward to assemble. I didn't have any help to get this thing inside or assembled, however, I managed to open the box in my garage and take it inside piece by piece. A little warning though: don't plan on moving this thing AFTER you get it together, because it would be near impossible. Just bringing the components inside was awkward, but once inside, it took me about 3-4 hours to assemble. It's not that difficult to figure out, but it's awkward with no help.

  • Datty - Great Moisturizer

    I use this in conjunction with The CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser at nights and I love it. Keeps the face smooth and moisturized and clear looking. Doesn't clog pores. It's NOT a super heavy moisturizer, it's very light, but even though it's light, it still makes the skin feel properly moisturized after application. This is perfect for summer nights, but for people with super dry skin, especially in the winter, I would advise you pair this up with a light skin oil to boost the moisture if this isn't heavy enough for you. During this harsh winter, I paired it up with Maracuja oil (patted it on over it) on super dry nights. If you're looking for a heavy moisturizer or even something that is super moisturizing for very thirsty skin, you may not want to get this. But if you are OK with a light moisturizer that soaks right into the skin giving just enough moisture and leaves no oily residue feeling, this is for you.

  • Suze - It's Like Having Your BFF Teach You How To Master The Art Of Blowdrying!

    I am so excited I found this book. I have huge , impossible hair and I am a regular client at the DryBar so I was so excited to get Alli Webb's secrets. It's like having your bff teach you how to master the art of blowdrying. LOVE! Thank you so much for the great tips.

  • Shys Mommy - It Works but just a fair warning...

    I had been wanting to try Lipozene for quite some time now but was always skeptical so one day while I was looking at the package for the 100th time, my husband took them from me and bought them right on the spot and I must say that I am thankful for it! These pills actually do work, I lost 2 lbs over the weekend without changing anything about my diet or work out routines (which was non existant). Great! So, I kept going and slowly started adding exercise and changing the way I eat and the pounds are still falling off! Now, for the only con I could find about the product.... the toilot! Be careful not to over eat or otherwise eat excessively sugary, salty or spicy foods, if you do, you will be running to the bathroom shortly after. So in other words if you want to lose the weight and not stay in the bathroom constantly then give these a shot and work on your eating and workout habits, after all, the lack of those things is probably what got you needing the pills in the first place lol