Lipitor Class Action Lawsuit - Lipitor Class Action Lawsuit has been filed against Pfizer due to Lipitor users developing diabetes. Check this link right here for more information on Lipitor Class...

  • Lipitor Class Action Lawsuit • Lawyers for Lipitor Diabetes Class Action - Lawyers for Lipitor Diabetes Class Action Lawyers For Lipitor Diabetes Class Action - Who suffered serious side effects from Lipitor Lipitor is in a class of medications called statins, which block...
  • Lipitor Class Action Lawsuit • Presently, there is just Lipitor And Diabetes... - Presently, there is just Lipitor And Diabetes Lawsuit against Pfizer for diabetic issues, although even more claims could come out for other injuries induced by Lipitor in the future. High cholesterol...

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  • Karen Crockett - sucks for pet hair on floors

    After spending an hour or more reviewing vacs online in Nov. 2011, I thought this one would be good for our house with all laminate floors or tile, maybe 1500 sq ft at most--with our new addition of a Border Collie Mix. I must have gotten this erroneous idea from another poster who wrote how great it was for pet hair. Perhaps he meant on carpet. I can say after using the thing for 3 months, 3x/week, for floors, the hair quickly sticks to the cloth-like perimeter of the vac and to the brush bristles and sits there or gets tied up in the bristles. You leave the brush off when using it on floors. I have to walk the vacuum over to a trash can and pull/brush the hair off the bottom of the vac after maybe 300 sq ft of laminate. My dog's hair is about 1-2 inches long.

  • JeffryDon1953 - Can not's a joke.

    I tied for hours to download and it timed out over and over. Not to mention it took for hours to do. Either it was this version or the computer. Needless to say, I'm taking the computer back!

  • laxmom - First one didn't work, Second one stopped after 2 mos

    Our first one didn't work at all out of the box. Amazon replaced it in one day. The second one has been plugging along nicely for 2 months, and has suddenly stopped working. We use it twice daily for our moka pots (now have an induction stove that won't take aluminum pots), but that's all. The light still goes on, but it doesn't heat. Can't return it now, so we're going to take it apart to see if we can fix it. Hopefully yours won't die so quickly, as it's a good little hotplate.

  • Bingo-Karen Haney - Internet Security that IF it Works will BE GREAT!

    The Avira Internet Security Plus offers programs for spam filtering, antivirus, and identify theft protection that are supposed to be the best for the PC so far. I am so not a computer person but was finally able to install it and since I received it from Amazon Vine, did get a one year subscription so will see how it goes. It is supposed to be able to make the computer run faster for games and videos and I do think I notice it somewhat although I am not a game player on my computer. The so-called "Air-Tight Security" is yet to be seen but if it does all that it promises, I shall come back and sing its praises for sure.

  • tall thespian - Great Shaver...Works even better than promised!

    Works exactly as promised. I took the 21 day trial of the shaver as recommended and it works like a charm. Gives me a nice close smooth shave in less then 5 minutes. And the just another 20 seconds of quick cleanup by simply rinsing the razor under hot running tap water. I also get at least a weeks worth of shaves without having to recharge. I'm someone who only wet shaved with a razor and now has shaved 100% electric for the past 21 days....I guess I'm a convert, and a happy one at that!