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  • optimizz - you can't escape it once you are signed up

    I found it difficult to use, especially the part designed to protect financial websites. it sends you to another place altogether to pay your bills. It is difficult to figure out how to allow new programs that I want to add. And worst of all, it is deliberately designed to keep you once you sign up. The customer service number is not free and they tell you up front to expect a 10 minute delay or more. Checking the "do not renew" button does nothing and they send the renewal through the bank before the old subscription is up - at the full price I might add. It does nothing for spam (maybe it is not supposed to) Little messages pop up when you least expect them telling you that you have a virus. They sit there and blink in the corner of your screen. You have to manually deal with it on your own. Other ant-virus software at least quarantined them until I could check them. This program makes you stop right then to deal with them. I can find NOIHING that I like about this software.

  • Dudley Dowrong - Delorme Street Atlas USA Plus 2014

    I normally buy from Delorme direct but the free shipping won me over to buy from Amazon. Shipment arrived as scheduled and in perfect condition. Delorme is the best mapping software for the professional traveler. Whether you use it on a desktop or on your laptop. I personally love the phone search to call up an address and the look up for businesses in the area. Program does have a small learning curve to get all the best features but has pop up help to get you started. Once you learn the features it is the cats meow.

  • Gilbert De Jesus - It works very well.

    Have been trying this out for the last week, and I'm glad that I purchased it!! The reviews of others were right on spot. The 6 USB output tops out at 12A max. You can rely on charging 6 items, phones/tablets, all at the same time and quickly. You can not connect it to a PC to use as extra ports.

  • Robert Guild - I am seeing immediate results

    I have been searching for years and after paying about $20,000 for tests and treatments by 2 gastroenterologists and a Dr of Neuropathy, I have finally found Dr Campbell-McBride to be a credible source. I went on the stage 1 diet and immediately my insomnia went away. I have had debilitating auto immune symptoms for about 5 years and this treatment is showing encouraging results.

  • Marla Ramirez - I absolutely love this! It is so creative and easy to ...

    I absolutely love this! It is so creative and easy to use. I love the fact that it has a USB so I can use it for other things as well!

  • azjmw - Excellent, addicting way to pass the time.

    I am a big fan of the entire series, the original Free Flow, Bridges, and now Hexes. Lots os puzzles at different levels, and while I don't find Hexes as challenging as I did Bridges, it is still an excellent, addicting way to pass the time. This is OCD heaven :-)