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  • Chantal Marie - Just OK

    Cost effective, thin and quiet, but if the charge runs low it is less accurate and I use mine 11 hours a day hence the reason I was looking for a rechargeable. It does glide nicely, and the finish is like a powdered feel and after a week it looks like it is wearing thin. Loosing accuracy when the battery runs low makes after just 2 days of use makes it a let down for me.

  • passion4horses - A Must Have

    This is really going to come in handy. I'm already taking it with me on my nightly runs out to the barn to check on the horses at the end of the day. I love that it's versatile and can be easily used as either a flashlight, a lantern, or both at the same time. It's very bright ... like a spotlight! and very lightweight. Takes just three AA batteries, simple to replace. Really glad I bought it for such a good price, too.

  • hoping for a fun voyage - This product is super expensive for what you get

    Are you kidding? There isn't enough liquid drops in here to last more than 2 weeks!!! How in the world can I expect to see results in that short of time? This product is super expensive for what you get. I can't believe people have rated this product good or very good!!! You have to have enough of the product for several months not 2 weeks to see if it actually works.

  • Sam in Tampa - A Helpful Book

    Each year Quicken updates its' personal finance software. The same is true for the official guide. I buy the guide each year, because it's a very handy reference for dealing with questions I experience when using my Quicken software. There's just enough changes and new additions in Quicken to make a purchase of a new guide each year worthwhile. I recommend keeping a copy of the current guide on your bookshelf. And, you should buy the guide at Amazon, because they greatly discount the price.

  • Amazon Customer - So far so great

    So far I love it. Transferring files from my old (malfunctioning) player was a snap. It sounds great with headphones, in the car or through the stereo. I just hope the battery is as good as everything else. Only time will tell.