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  • Steve D - Outstanding product. I have one permanently installed in my ...

    Outstanding product. I have one permanently installed in my whole house generator and it works perfectly. I was introduced to this product by a friend that uses it on the batteries in his off the grid solar array. I witnessed batteries that tested "bad" on a load tester, test "good" after a few days on the BatteryMINDer. These batteries preformed well when reinstalled in the array for the solar power. That convinced me that this device performs as advertised. I have one that I move around to several batteries and so far, they all are performing to spec.

  • C. Muir - Love it!

    Great trampoline! Very safe. Easy to put together too. We've had it for a couple of months now and we are very happy with the purchase.

  • Ewaskimo - Overall, good

    Comfortable, but a bit too small. I got the large and the end of my palm (part that would hit the ground in a fall) is on the soft part of the glove. Aside from the size, feels nice, seems durable for grip on handles and brakes. The main part seems like it will hold up in a fall. Only downside is the outer velcro strap is already falling off after a couple rides.

  • awblazek - Not impressed

    I was not impressed with this at all. All it is is a large poster like calendar that has bubblewrap attached to it. It is not a good design mainly because all the months run together there is no separation at all. I had received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I myself will not use it but will give it to my granddaughter she may have fun with it so that's why I'm giving it a three star. This item really needs to be re-designed and when it is it could be a great product but right now it is not.

  • morandho - works for acne!

    I ordered these for my 13 year old daughter because I had rwad previous posts about it helping with acne. Im not interested in putting my child on prescription meds for acne so this seemed like a good fit. It really did help! Not immediately, but after a few weeks she started noticing they were getting less and less. She started them at the beginning of summer break and by the end her face was completely clear. Even more, she forgot to tell me she was running out so there was a good month of time she wasnt taking them before I was able to get another order in the mail. Well in those few weeks her acne started to come back.

  • Gadget - FIFA World Cup 2010 - All over again.

    I am a big World Cup fan. The thrill of your country or any other country I'm rooting for, seeing them play is just awesome.