LearnEM : Emergency Medicine Education - LearnEM aims to provide health professionals working in a wide variety of roles and health services accessible training and upskilling in the management of acutely ill or injured patients. The training is suited for nurses, doctors, paramedics and students working in prehospital, community based and hospital based circumstances.

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  • Crane Sandston - Endeavor to persevere

    This program interested me not because of the JAP on TV, but because I really needed help, or thought I did. If you have any degree of logical thought, and can discipline yourself to do what is right for the child, then you do not need this program. It is for people who never learned the differences between right & wrong, and never had to pay any consequences themselves, therefore they cannot communicate with their children about right & wrong or consequences. If you have any common sense, you do not need this. It was a waste of money.

  • mark simms - disappointment

    This movie sucks...I doubt it was even filmed in Mexico...Seemed more like Canada. There is very little time at Chichen Itza, which was one of the reasons why I bought this movie. The acting was terrible, I defently would not watch it again....Which is too bad, because the idea of Doomsday is pretty cool.

  • Eric Cable - Shakes are truly disgusting.

    Folks, I've been around and I've eaten some nasty tasting things in my life. Heck, when I was in the Navy they served "USDA Grade F Beef:Suitable ony for animal or military consumption" (really).

  • Stermena1 - great

    i recommend getting the fertilizer... it really maxes out the potential of this product. but without it it still works well

  • jennstx - Very easy to assemble

    I live in a hot, humid climate so I will never need an insulated dog house. This house is exactly as they describe it and big enough for a fairly large 100lb dog, but not a giant breed unless they of small stature. I've seen some smaller sized Great Danes that might fit. Of course my dog won't go in it, but eventually I hope she will - she's still a puppy.