Music Therapy for Autism,Childbirth,Pain Management,Nursing,Education,Relaxation-Music From The Start-David Putano - Music From The Start is dedicated to the support and education of individuals and families using music and music therapy related modalities. Songs created for autism, pain management, childbirth, and nursing CEUs.

  • Gift of a Song-Music From The Start-David Putano - Gift of a Song, David Putano, is dedicated to supporting families of deceased loved ones through the gift of personalized memorial music.

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  • Wood Splinter - Twinkle Twinkle

    Is absolutely beautiful!!! Love Swarovski and have been collecting the ornaments for almost 10 yrs. Each year they're as beautiful as the year before....Sometimes I decorate the tree with just my Swarovski ornaments and nothing else. The lights illuminate them and it's simply gorgeous!! I'll continue to purchase them from Amazon.....

  • Amazon Customer - I'd recommend going to the doctors to get checked out

    It's odd to me that the ingredients in this product caused stomach pain with a few consumers. I'd recommend going to the doctors to get checked out. Anyways, this is my first week on fat fighters and I LOVE them. I work out 3-5 times a week doing interval workouts, and felt I was in a slump with my weight. I went from 120 on cardio to 125 with interval workouts. I know muscle is heavy but I was still pretty bummed on the gains. I LOVE carbs and after taking these for a week I'm 2 pounds down after being stuck for weeks. yay!

  • CC Florida - Excellent moisturizing product

    This is a great moisturizing product. I have thick hair that always needs moisture and this product really delivers. I can leave it in my hair while I exercise and not have goop running down the side of my face.

  • Louis Gedo - A good alternative to TurboTax

    I found that H&R Block is useful and found no significant difference between it and TurboTax. The reason I have used H&R Block 2 years in a row is that while TurboTax offers a limited time big discount only once a year, H&R Block offers a big discount several times throughout the beginning of each year giving me a much better save money during a time when saving monet (following the holidays) is important to me.

  • dori silva - Blown away!

    I have only been using this for about 1 1/2 weeks. My hair feels fuller, very little shedding after showers and my hair is incredibly soft! Not changing shampoo long as the formula doesn't change!

  • lthach - kinda works

    i use this product with the firming one. it has helped this appearance of stretch marks but not as much and as fast as i would. maybe because i should have used this before i started getting them. you just have to be on it with applying the cream twice a day for results.

  • David Wilder - Works 4 me!

    The smoothies I make with Visalus taste good and seem to be helping me lose weight. I'm a disabled veteran, since 2004, and had gained 93 lbs due to inactivity. Now, 19 surgeries later, finally able to walk in the neighborhood 30 minutes per day total, plus replacing 2 meals per day, I've lost 32 lbs in 90 days. Can't contribute it all to Visalus, but it is part of the progress.