On the path to being a PA-C - Current physician assistant student. I'm mainly using this blog as a way to organize all the useful info out there for PA school and PANCE/PANRE.

  • On the path to being a PA-C - Tips and Extra Study Aids to Help You Survive Didactic Year I’m just about to finish up my first semester of PA school and I’m happy to say it’s been a successful semester! Very demanding and...
  • On the path to being a PA-C - The 12 Cranial Nerves and Starbucks ziyadnazem: “ When you walk into Starbucks and you.. • I. Smell the coffee aroma (olfactory).. • II. Read the order menu from about 20 feet away (optic) then...
  • On the path to being a PA-C - “Are you sure about this? WebMD says...” sarcasticnursejess: “ ”
  • On the path to being a PA-C - Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) mynotes4usmle: “ mynotes4usmle: “ • Unknown etiology • Chronic Biliary tract disease • Segmental inflammation and fibrosing destruction of INTRA & EXTRAHEPATIC...
  • On the path to being a PA-C - Rotation Recap #2 - Emergency Medicine we-need-medicine: “ This is a little late, but I finished up my Emergency Medicine rotation early last week! Long story short, I never expected to enjoy ER half...
  • On the path to being a PA-C - Preceptor asking if I wanna do [insert procedure here] simplysupergirl: “ ”
  • On the path to being a PA-C - cranquis: “ surrealmeds: “ how to be an attending ” Doing it right, when someone does it wrong. ”
  • On the path to being a PA-C - nothingbutnetters: “ Any time I have to do a history and physical exam with a standardized patient: ”
  • On the path to being a PA-C - countrysidetocityscape: “ Two students were shadowing in the hospital today, one is 100% decided on PA school and the other student is undecided between medical school vs. PA school. The one student...
  • On the path to being a PA-C - PATIENT QUOTES dr-dre-anatomy: “ Patient: What specialty are you in? Neurology? Me: I’m in Emergency Medicine. Do I look like a Neurologist? Patient: Do Neurologists have a specific look? Me: Oh they...

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  • Cheryl B. - Best ever grammy songs

    I chose to rate this album as a solid 4 star. The songs are awesome, but I am not a fan of country music. I like the idea of including all song category groups in the album for the wider audience.

  • jan westbrook - Dead Doctors Dont Lie

    I bought this book for my mother. She really likes the book and has learned a lot of useful information. Mom said she finds the book hard to follow and watching him on tv is easier for her. She is not sure about the amount to use on the things she has looked up in the book. She is fighting very aggressive breast cancer and is trying to find a natural approach along with chemotherapy. She is happy that she has the book and wants to use it along side his tv programs.

  • B.A.D. - TRD look alike

    love the spoiler for the price, though has hard edges that need to be sanded down you can see it on my car on instagram: @pistonperformance

  • A BUSY MOM - Fantastic product, works like a charm!

    I thank the designer of these little strips from the bottom of my heart. There is nothing I could ask for in terms of improvement, they really work for nasal congestion, and aid in decreasing snoring. My daughters told me that they could hear me through the walls sawing logs, and with these strips, ( and loosing 30 pounds ) they hear nothing. They are very greateful as well. The strips are slightly tricky to remove, just take it slow and easy.

  • Casey Lichenstein - Pleasant surprise

    I wasn't expecting to like this bar much. I bought a couple flavors to try and wasn't impressed with the peanut butter chocolate flavor. The frosted cinnamon roll flavor was amazing! I love both the flavor and the texture. It's different then other cinnamon roll bars I've tried. I'll definitely be getting a box of that flavor.