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Country:, North America, US

City: -112.0889 Arizona, United States

  • Old Dog - Not intuitive at all

    This software is apparently written by someone who thinks they know what you want to do better than you do. It is difficult to use to the point of being silly, and to send copies of a drawing in a useable format to a printer, or to a builder, requires so many conversions using other software that it might be faster to draw the design with a pen and ruler. The "decisions" made for you are so ridiculous that it would be laughable if I hadn't needed to be able to do floorplan sketches quickly! A good example is in rearranging a room. To avoid having to reload items from a library on a slow internet connection, on other software, I just drag the item across a room, or into another room on the drawing, on this, it would not let me move a cabinet into another room, apparently because the DOOR was too small for the cabinet! Give me a break. I guess if it's software for idiots who would otherwise put a cabinet outside the house as part of a plan, it would be wonderful, but I find this frustrating, insulting, and difficult at best to work with. I would never buy software from "Chief Architect" again.

  • Ipadreader - Not acurate at all and if you call company support they never return the call? Bad product with no support.

    My blood pressure was always high at the Dr office so I bought this for regular readings outside his office. The Ihealth readings were always saying my pressure was normal. Because Ihealth kept track of my readings (the major reason I bought it) I brought my IPhone to the Dr's office so he could evaluate the results.