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  • Primenumbers - SlimQuick (ultra) Fat Burner

    SlimQuick (Ultra) Fat Burner has completely diminished my sugar cravings and carbohydrate cravings. I started SlimQuick to lose 10 lbs. It's been four weeks and I've lost 5 lbs maybe (less water retention may account for a couple of those lost lbs). The product contains a host of ingredients, but the two most interesting ingredients are Japanese knotweed root (resveratrol) and brown sea weed (may promote abdominal fat burning). I looked into the ingredients of SlimQuick because after three weeks, I noticed a rather nice difference in my skin without changing facial products. (differences such as firmer skin around my jaw line and diminished puffiness under my eyes).

  • Kiss - Best kind of thermometer

    This device is pure genius. I love it. I wish we would have bought this kind of thermometer first, rather than spend like a hundred dollars on other devices. I really wish we would have it when my 3 year old was a newborn because it would have made our lives so much simpler. I simply can't imagine a better device for taking a wiggly baby's temp. You can even take it while the baby is asleep without bothering him or her. Very quick and accurate. I will recommend this to all of my friends with babies or kids.

  • Loretta M. - The Product Is Over Priced

    I tried the Zija Smart Mix for one month. II did not notice any health benefits of taking the product. And, it is too expensive.

  • Lady P - I love this product

    I don't usually write reviews. I love this product. It works extremely well for me. I have not been eating the best as I usually do and it still works. I'm constantly getting the comment you look like you're losing weight or what are you doing. My work requires me to be constantly moving throughout the day and I teach dance two days a week. Haven't gotten back to my workout routine but I've noticed a big difference in my clothes. it took about 3 weeks for me to notice the difference.

  • Jase - UPDATE: Fan Running and High Pitched

    I just received the Chromebook today and the fan is much, much louder than I anticipated and is high pitched. I can easily hear the fan every time a new tab is opened, and it almost seems to be running continuously. I don't think I'm being overly picky or unreasonable. I've had the same Macbook since 2008 and don't expect the fan to be completely silent, but so many reviews said you could barely hear the fan and that certainly is not the case with the Chromebook I received.

  • Amazon Customer - Vitamode,the vitamins that give you what you need!

    Vitamode is an extraordinary product! I take two pills everyday and it gives me all the missing vitamins I need in order to function properly! This is a must have for those of you who need vitamins in your diet!

  • Tram Ha - The material is very sturdy and it doesn't easily get dirty like a lot ...

    I bought this mouse mat in 2009 and I am still using it today (2014). The material is very sturdy and it doesn't easily get dirty like a lot of other mouse pads. If it does get dirty then it is very easy to clean and it looks good as new.