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  • cb_colo - Great tool to teach kids about sleep time & wake time

    I bought this clock about 9 months ago, a few months after my daughter's 3rd birthday. She was waking up 2 to 3 times per night and waking my husband and I for various unnecessary reasons (such as "I want to cuddle in YOUR bed..." or "Can I sleep with my stuffed animal?"). My husband and I had become zombies getting no sleep!

  • Garden Lover - Battery Minder

    I have been using this charger/maintainer for about a year to maintain the dual battery setup on our diesel pick up. The instructions are good about special uses, such as dual batteries that are still installed. (have to connect the two batteries with jumper cables during storage)

  • Wayne McGillacutty - Very nice switch, feels substantial

    Very nice switch, feels substantial, not cheap, looks durable and the graphics are crisp and clean. The enclosed directions and schematics make everything regarding this swithch a no brained, I'm ordering more in the future.

  • Atsenaotie - Would not buy this again.

    Seemed like a good price and reviews were OK, but I would not use this again. Every time I loaded the program it asked to register, I would fill in all of the blanks, and it said it could not register. The problem was I could not by-pass registration. I had to either not register and the program would close, or fill in all the forms, be told registration did not work, and then the program would run; every time I loaded the program. The "interview" process was not as smooth as the other programs I have used, and auto import of forms like from Scott Trade did not seem available. I hope it did a good job, but I will go back to one of the other two next time.