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CSGOSTRONG: Unlimited CSGORoulette, bet items, skins, cases and ... - In some instances, the MQMC Channel Menu display will not show a change in channel status, and attempts to refresh the screen or recycle the MQS-MQMSVR Pathway server do not correct the problem. APAR IC75298 - In some complex cluster configuations with large numbers of cluster members, large numbers of objects, or frequent changes to cluster objects, the repository managers in a queue manager are unable to distribute a complete set of object metadata information, resulting in repeated FDCs from rrmHPNSSGetMetaPacket, with probe RM527001, and cluster objects not being visible in some CPUs in the queue manager reporting the problems. The fix for the problem adds a new configurable parameter to allow the repository metadata buffers to be increased to handle larger configurations, and changes the reporting of the metadata errors to include information on the amount of storage requested by the repository managers.

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  • Christopher J. OToole - I love Heart

    I loved Heart since the 70's. I have the album, but wanted it on my Kindle Fire play list. Great song.

  • Martha Valderrama - Pasta Lover must have

    Love the Kindle Fire version of this magazine. Easily propped up in my kitchen and recipe's are easy to follow. Made about three of these dishes so far and they are absolutely yummy!

  • Frank L. Petro - Great Product

    I have a problem with moss on the north side of my house. I mixed the product according to the directions then applied with a garden sprayer. With in a couple of weeks all the Moss has died. Now I just need to wait for a heavy rain to wash the moss off the roof.

  • dominick tangorra - Too many bugs

    Its a great concept but it has too many bugs right now. The mic doesnt always work. Sometimes theres no video when i try to connect. Im sute there more updates to come and then the product will be great but right now its pretty useless. Id wait for them to patch the problems before purchasing