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  • Sniggih - Keep your money...

    The LifeCell product goes on nicely BUT, it does not do much for dry skin. I purchased it because of the money-back guarantee, which was a good thing as I returned it after about 4 weeks. For me, it was not worth it as I would have to put another moisturizer on top of it. I do like the guarantee though. Thanks.

  • Erin U. - Works great, the remote is very handy and the box it came in is heavy duty for storage for years to come

    These lights are awesome. I got this product at a discounted rate to review it and leave my honest opinion. However, it is July and I can't wait for Thanksgiving to roll around so I can put this out for Christmas. This light projector is a very pretty hammered-bronze color on the outside of the light case so it will look very nice in my yard. It also comes with a remote control that I think is great so once it is installed and ready to use we won't actually have to go flip a switch on the base to make it work - especially nice and handy during winter months. I did set this up upon arrival to test it out and it is beautiful. We may go ahead and pay full price to get another for the other side of our house before Christmas. I also have to note that although it will not affect the product's performance in any way, it was packaged vey nicely in a reusable very heavy box with magnetic closure that will be very nice for storing the unit when not in use and will save me money on having to purchase a storage box to keep it in, which I thought was very nice.

  • Phlakester - Pooptacular

    So I keep debating about 4 or 5 stars. On one hand, it's great. My poops are better and cleaner, however, it hasn't helped with my chronic constipation, which I thought it would. Additionally, my husband doesn't like that he has to take off some of his pants to sit appropriately with the squatty. I've also tripped on the darn thing. That being said, I'm not sure it could be designed much better than it is. I just don't think it's enough of a miracle worker to give it the full 5 stars.

  • chuckles - You have to want it to work

    Like most diet books, I think it's kind of like a placebo thing in that you have to want it to work either because of hitting rock bottom or just wanting change bad enough for some reason or another.

  • Inergy Ideas International - But sometimes in life there ARE good deals.

    It looked and felt incredibly cheap, which it is. I'm sure I could've dealt with it since you usually get what you pay for... But sometimes in life there ARE good deals... this just was not one of them for me. After turning it on it went to a screen that said "Loading... Please wait." and it never loaded, so I turned it on and off many times and it did the same thing. I got a refund.