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  • Key source for step 1 - Key source for step 1

    Definitely the key source for step 1 preparation but as the authors say: it should not be the only source of preparation.

  • Duwa - Great helmet...strap buckle is crap

    Really nice helmet but the strap buckle broke on the third ride. This is my fourth Giro helmet and lightest and most comfortable one yet but it's in the trash now. Once the buckle breaks there's no way to replace.

  • dave edmunds - Craig T is fantastic. He sticks closely to Aristotle's rules for tragedy ...

    Craig T is fantastic. He sticks closely to Aristotle's rules for tragedy (although he probably doesn't know he does). Do I sound like a literature snob? I unabashedly AM, and I can't wait for the next Longmire. What does that say about the books? I'm a Longmire junkie....please don't tell anyone?

  • Kitty Brandon - Awesome

    Love this stroller! It is lightweight and matches my Peg Perego car seat. It's also a three wheel, which makes it easier to use one had to push and turn with carseat, baby, and a diaper bag weighing it down.

  • Richard Schwarz - Very pleased with this purchase!

    I ordered the 60 inch to replace a beloved Samsung 60 inch DLP that had been fantastic for 7 years until the actual DLP chip started to act up. I specifically waited for the 2016 models to come out, but didn't want to spend thousands...

  • Tony Asaro - Updated Review - One Year Later

    UPDATED REVIEW: 12/13/2013 - It has been almost a year since I was given my NutriBullet as gift. I used to love it but the sad thing is that it is cheaply made. The top of my NutriBullet - where the slots are to put in the top - have broken because it is cheap plastic. It does still work but I have to try 3,4,5 times to find the right position so that it turns on. Even if they just reinforced the top with metal, which wouldn't cost them that much, it would probably fix this problem. I reached out to customer service and they just gave me some standard reply that really had nothing to do with my problem. That was also another major disappointment.

  • C. Lighthouse - Great Stuff

    1 qt of Lucas Oil Stabilizer with every oil change helps keep my 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis alive. It reduces the oil consumption and it quiets the pinging that it has with lower quality fuel. It also makes a big difference for cold starts. The engine starts noticeably quieter and smoother and accelerates better before it warms up when I have the Lucas in there.