D Q T S - After horrible years as a human, I decided to be an object and have a stable relationship with one. #vga_project

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  • The Thinker - My favorite eye moistener.

    I have tried various products, and this works better for me than anything else. Only one drop in each eye is needed for several hours of relief.

  • Richard Bruns - Weather Tech

    These are a great buy for your new car. The fit is like the add on TV says. The front driver side locks in to the floor, I don't think this is necessary because it fits so well on the sides. The interior of my Escape is the light sand and I ordered the black because my son said the lighter colors might show dirt and wear after a while. The dash and arm rest on the windows are black so they don't look out of place.

  • David - Best printed edition . . . ever

    As a CPA, I've purchased a copy of JK Lasser every tax season for 10+ years for myself and the CPAs in the firm I co-locate with. I take the books to the local printer and have the back cut off and holes punched in the pages so they can be put in ring-binder notebooks. When clients call with questions, we pull appropriate pages from the book and provide the copies to answer their questions in order to provide a more comprehensive response than a phone call would allow.

  • Amazon Customer - Supple works for me and my wife

    I was given about ten cans from a friend while working on a job out of town. I tried it and seemed to feel better soon after drinking it after a hard days work at age 65. The friends said it didn't do anything for them but it works wonders for me! I have been taking it for two years now and even though I work as and electrician, climbing and cutting etc. I seem to have much better movement than anyone I know my age. I have given it to about ten people and only about half seem to benefit. I had a friend at church that said his mom, mid seventies, could hardly get out of bed in the morning. I brought six cans to him and told her to drink one in the afternoon or evening before a meal. He was so excited , he said his mom got up out of bed a few days later and realized she hadn't been able to do that! She bought a subscription and has done a lot better.