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  • browncounty - It is not flexible

    I am writing this review to try and spare a few other online shoppers the experience of trying to find a flexible hose that will wind up on your cart reel without having to be an athlete. This hose is stiff. It is best suited in my opinion for commercial use. The wife gave up trying to wind this hose up on our new $120.00 all aluminum reel(would not even attempt to windup on plastic reel) and leaves it to me. I have a 20+ yr old Swan Soft & Supple(the new Swan S&S is not even the same, read reviews)that I finally repaired(ran over the end with car)that has absolutely no problem what so ever in winding back on the reel. The wife is happy. I am happy. I would send this hose back but shipping kills that idea. I will try and sell this hose locally at a garage sale for a loss.

  • Caroline - love this product

    Have ordered this product off and on for the last several years. It seems to really help me with energy, dieting and exercise.I seem to get sicknesses like the flu less too.

  • Frisbee - Super Product

    Excellent at removing adhesives quickly and efficiently. Glad Amazon makes this great 3M product available.

  • Miss Jena - Great program, check disk to ensure they play

    Great work out with Shaun T. Shorter duration than insanity with a lot o the same moves. Less warm up and cool down but easier to fit in early mornings and around kid schedules. Seriously real results for me and husband with diet too. Big downer. one disc didn't work at all and we didn't start until after Amazon's return window to figure it out. Check your disks

  • justin reichert - delicious but does cause poooping all night long first i ...

    delicious but does cause poooping all night long first i ate about 20 nothing happened so the next day i sat down and i ate about half the bag over about an hour while watching tv i was in and out of the bathroom all night long