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  • alexis - the product is very good easy to use uncomplicated

    the product is very good easy to use uncomplicated, all you can do is to change from Fahrenheit to degrees celcius

  • Jaeger Bellows - Handy tool!

    Really handy tool! Simple to use and sharpens chains well. I'd give it 5 stars except the wing nut is a little awkward to turn and the chain stop lever sticks sometimes. Still definitely recommend it!

  • Amazon Customer - Nice take on Trump's appeal and lessons for general readers

    No doubt over time there will be many books that attempt to explain Trump's remarkable run, but Cernovich has done an excellent job distilling Trump's appeal and also lessons that anyone can adopt (whatever their political slant). The book also provides a useful insight into what is behind the Alt-Right and how far both major parties have drifted from the concerns of ordinary voters.

  • R. E. Sholty - Purchased in Nov '15 now worthless...

    DO NOT BUY! If you ever upgrade to another computer Microsoft will not recognize the Product key #s.

  • Cassie Devs - This game is SO much fun. As a DDR and Dance Central lover

    This game is SO much fun. As a DDR and Dance Central lover, this game is now added to my favorites. The characters that you play as are adorable. It can also be co-op, which is different than Dance Central. They have couples dances too which can be fun. This is a great, fun game that is great for all ages.

  • Michael Bryant - Better than Liquid Chalk

    My university gym does not allow chalk. I therefore resorted to Liquid Chalk. That stuff was okay, but the chalk to alcohol ratio made it so the chalk was still visible on my hands. I then tried this stuff and found that not only is it almost invisible, but it seems to keep my hands drier for longer. I only needed to apply this once whereas the liquid chalk seemed to need a reapplication after a few sets. I used this for deadlifts, but it also lasted long enough for my pulldowns and rows. It may not be as great as the actual chalk, but it allowed me to take my sets to failure where my hands were not the thing failing first. The bottle is very small so I could easily just keep it in my pocket.

  • David Denver - Toyota all weather vs. weather tec

    Great product! Definitely keeps has better coverage than the all weather Toyota mats! If you buy them here you won't have to pay the dealership prices for an inferior product.