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  • Old Doc - Microsoft Outlook a Disappointment

    Having used Outlook for many years, I selected Outlook 2010 for my new Windows 7 computer. The features that I loved in the older versions of Outlook that I used on XP and Vista were gone and replaced with strange features like the "ribbon." Outlook 2010 is not worth the money and the learning curve is too steep. Microsoft should have followed the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

  • oregoncat - Not a good cleanse. This is sold as a weight loss ...

    Not a good cleanse. This is sold as a weight loss program and "oh yeah" it is also a cleanse. Beware of the marketing, if you are older this might not be a good fit. I am in my 40's, overweight but a former college athlete and I keep myself in decent cardio/strength shape despite this. Thought this would be a good way to cleanse my body and lose fat while avoiding muscle loss. Unfortunately, I experienced a dramatic drop in energy through out the entire cleanse. Futhermore, I missed work because of headaches and dizziness, couldn't work out and was truly miserable. I have completed supervised cleanses twice before with professional naturopathic care. I know a little about nutrition and in my opinion there is NOT enough protein (aminos) in this program for a heavyset athlete or a muscular person. The concept is good but it is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL product and geared more for women. I did lose weight (16 lbs) - but if you starve yourself for 10 days and drink lots of water I think the results wouldn't be that different. Whatever you do, consult a physician on this one.

  • John Bishop - Looks Good. Jury Still Out On Reception Strength.

    I'll give it 5 stars for now. The reception seems okay but I feel like it's not as strong as it should be. Definitely improves my vehicle's appearance.

  • R. Sanchez - Almost a 5 Star

    Works as advertised, price is great. Present to my dad who needs it. He likes it, but spends a great deal of time watching TV and there is a latency issue. Just a millisecond delay, but he can't use it for television. Great at church and other things, but no TV we are stuck on sub-titles for the hearing impaired. Nice try though.

  • Future RN - It's better to take Eng 1102

    I decided to try to CLEP out of Eng 1102 instead of signing up for the class, big mistake. The study guide do not cover all the material that will be on the test. If your not familiar with literature from the 1800's to present(including poems, authors, short stories etc) it is best to just take the class instead because the chances of you passing the CLEP is very slim.