Halte au dulcolax !! : Forum Anorexie, boulimie - Teemix - Halte au dulcolax !!. ce truc est un poison qui peut veritablement vous detruire !! j'ai lu sur ce forum que certaines personnes le conseillai, c hyper dangereux j'en ai pris pdt un an, et je me suis provoque un probleme au rein.

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  • Dulcie Valusek - Owen finally gets a little spotlight

    I have always been a bit of a nut about history, specifically that of Britain and the monarchy. I have read various books and novels from the preludes to the War of the Roses and ending at the death of Elizabeth. Owen has been mentioned in many of these novels, as has Catherine, yet they have been almost glossed over as if they were simply minor characters who just happened to be around. This book was a surprisingly fun and informative read with a creative way of telling the story of the people who would be shaping the events that led to one of histories most altering events. The author found a great balance between fiction and still being able to educate the readers as to who Owen was and his part in the dynasty that was never expected to exist. I'll admit that I wasn't too fond of the whole Owen/Julliette love flip-flopping, but I also understand that in order to humanize a character who has seemingly been forgotten and only remembered because he somehow married the dowager queen mother, that he had to add to Owens life and show us the man behind the name. I have never read anything from this author before and am now seeking out more of his books in the hopes that it will not only lead me to more of this specific authors works, but to ones similar.

  • Katie - All in all I love this product and will be using it until further ...

    I have always had very oily and acne prone skin throughout adolescence and even now at 24. I purchased acne free one week ago. The true reason I got it was because I was on a budget and proactive was too expensive for me so I thought I'd give it a try for $17. I am blown away! I have seen such a huge difference in just a week! The products leave your face soft and smooth. I have seen such a difference in my acne. It has been reduced and my skin is not half as oily as it was. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because if you have dry skin it may dry it out even more, since my skin is oily I didn't have that problem, but definitely something to think about. Also, if you wax your face at all (eyebrows, sideburns, lip) you need to stop using this product about a week before or it could cause lifting of the skin just due to the benzoyl peroxide and other strong ingredients it contains. All in all I love this product and will be using it until further notice.

  • UPNorthMom - Excellent Product

    I purchased this for my 12 year old son whos hormones are out of whack. He's greasy and full of facial acne. He's not good at washing his face in the AM/PM which has made the problem worse. I decided to try this after reading some reviews. It has worked wonders for my son and he has NOT applied it as often as I had wanted. However, I'm still seeing great results. I paid $19 for it in Amazon and that was a fair price. The price has increased a lot. I'm not sure it is worth that much! It is a very small jar. The cream has a little scent, but it is not very strong. It is very lightweight and rubs in easily with no greasy feeling. It has a cooling affect on the skin. Pictures are prior to treatment and after about a week of using the lotion. ***Unlike many others on here, I did not receive my product free. I was a paying customer.***

  • Amazon Customer - Season 12 is doing a lot better than I expected up until the 5th episode bringing Penny on was a mistake.

    Season 12 is doing a lot better than I expected up until the 5th episode. It was intense and though good in some ways disappointed me by brining in more mediocre actors/actress' that shouldn't be there. I may be biased but since Lexi's intern class I haven't been impressed with the lower residents and attending.

  • Dennis - End Caps are Tough, Everything Else is Easy

    Bought the crossbars so I could get a Yakima J-Rack on for a kayak. Figured this would be a simple install, but those darn end caps are stubborn. After watching the video on You Tube (didn't help because the end caps were different than mine) and looking at the cryptic instructions that came with the bars, I tried to tackle it. I became so frustrated and enraged with the darn things I nearly gave up and went to the dealer. Luckily several of the reviews on here helped, including holding the screwdriver as far onto the tab as possible and getting a rubber grip assist thing. Most helpful to me was to get a better leverage point. Rather than coming at it from the side, I got my stepladder positioned off the left rear bumper and holding the screwdriver in my right hand I was able to pull straight back with my left hand on the end cap. This better leverage point enabled me to get them both off when I repeated the process on the other side. They are amazingly stubborn though, my vehicle is a 2007 so maybe 6 years on being mated to the side rails made them somewhat more difficult to release, but honestly why do they make something so simple so tough to do. The rest of the crossbar installation is easy, just watch the lineup of the washers and make sure the wider part of the bar is to the rear...messed that up and had to flip the front bar around.