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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Wendy - Not just ornamental

    My husband and I absolutely love these lights. They came a lot bigger than I expected and brighter than the normal ones you can buy in Home Depot or anywhere else really. Installation and set up was fast and easy and we are already enjoying the light it gives off. Since the box is a set of 6 we spread them out on our 1 acre property. My house is in a somewhat rural area so the surrounding area is super dark. We used these to mark the end of our driveway, beginning of the driveway, entrance to the backyard, and the front steps of my house. We are extremely pleased with these lights and highly recommend them to anyone needing bright lights to see their walkways or driveways. Definitely not for ornamental purposes only since the light is bright. When my husband and I were installing them we used them as flashlights to light our path and the area where we were placing them. Great buy!!!

  • zen drive - Excellent TV for the price

    The picture is fantastic right out of the box and the sound is surprisingly good. The TV stand pieces angle out at about 20 degrees. Dimensions of the stand are 35.75 inches wide from the outer edge of each piece and 8.5 inches deep, therefore you'll need a TV stand/dresser that's at least 37 inches wide. Energy usage is rated at $9 per year based on 5 hours of daily viewing. I would certainly buy this TV again.

  • Jessy S. - but we have taken it out of the box and I have to say that this car seat is beautiful! The colors are so vibrant

    Update: THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT TO USE CAR SEAT EVER!!! It's so cute and has a great design but man is it NOT user friendly. Tightening the straps is ridiculously difficult and buckling my daughter in is beyond frustrating. We bought a Graco 4-Ever instead and it is amazing!

  • Alice - when it is connected to a working TV (or other item) is excellent through both the AUX and Optical inputs in Transmission ...

    I am updating this review to say that I am keeping the Miccus RTX Mini. I went to my Xfinity store to take back the modem I borrowed that didn't fix my problems. I was lucky to get a very knowledgeable man who suggested that I try one of their new cable boxes and use the HDMI. I now have a good signal coming from the optical out of my TV but only with HDMI from the cable box. The coaxial input still has the same problem as before.

  • chicab0nita - Very helpful and straightforward

    The text was helpful. I did a lot of practice questions on the CD and paper practice questions that came inside the book. I got the national average score on the GRE, but I only studied for a month. Thus, I could have done better if I had studied more. The math part was definitely my weakness.