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  • Jennifer T. - So convenient

    Love the way the coconut oil dispenses. Sometimes I have to warm the tube in my hand a bit, just because it's winter and has been so cold. But this is so easy to pack/carry around in my bag and the dispenser is more hygienic than dipping my hand into a jar of coconut oil.

  • Lorenzo from LA - Couldn't be happier with the quality of light from this modifier

    Couldn't be happier with the quality of light from this modifier. You would NEVER know it was shot on a speedlite.

  • Judy - Wonderful for pain relief

    My Mom's so happy with this gift. she uses it whenever her back or knee is in pain. It's actually a small Tens unit for a small price. The electronic stimulation causes muscle cramps to relax, which takes away pain. I've receive many thank you's for this gift.

  • Warren Dane - Outstanding performance

    I have used the 2003 version of Publisher for years. It did what I needed. However, the 2010 update I downloaded from is light years ahead in the variety of improvements in functionality, creative possibilities and reduction in RAM usage and reasonable in cost given it's improvements over earlier versions. I highly recommend it.

  • J. Parrish - Save your money for a real homebrew kit

    If you are seriously interested in creating great homebrew beer, then this kit is NOT for you. I've been making homebrew beer for about 1.5 years. I was given a Mr Beer kit as a gift and tried making two different styles of beer. The first was a pale ale, and the second was an oatmeal stout. The pail ale was just OK, and the stout was undrinkable. To make a long story short... the Mr Beer kit cuts some important corners in the brewing process at the expense of the quality of the beer.

  • Ernest Polk - This one sounds like he phoned it in

    This one sounds like he phoned it in, no depth to his singing, sounds more likes he's just reading the words. I like Michael Buble, but this albums is not his best effort. Nothing that you want to hear more than once, and listening once is like a chore. Need to make better albums than this.